DevOps in the Value Stream - Webinar Recording

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An Introduction to DevOps

DevOps is the acronym given to the combination of Development and Operations. It refers to a collaborative approach to make the Application Development team and the IT Operations team of an organization to seamlessly work with better communication. It is

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Devops Or Lean

DevOps or Lean?

DevOps has been instrumental in transforming IT responsiveness to business, as is evident by the fact that we have enterprises from all walks of life including Banks adopting DevOps. It’s certainly not a thing that hip web companies do now.

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Cicd Pipeline

DevOps is More Than CI+CD (tools)

DevOps has been gaining traction across all software teams across organization. Most teams focus on two specific areas: Tools deployment around CI and CD Culture integration between Development and Operations teams. In this talk, we will revisit, in brief, some

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