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Dec 14, 2020

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There has been a rapid increase in the interest around bringing together outcomes (via OKRs), financial and portfolio planning (via PPM systems) and execution tracking (from EAP and DevOps systems). This session by Avinash Rao covers the flow of information across these systems and suggests the interchanges needed to effectively gain insights. The session is not specific to IT projects (while the underpinning systems are of course, software systems); we at Digite see an ongoing transformation of the Enterprise all the way from goal setting, to Lean budgeting, and to execution tracking. Understanding how these pieces come together will be critical to ensure that we get the best results from our Enterprise systems.

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By: Avinash rao

Avinash Rao

on Mar 08th, 2022

This webinar, presented by Professor Mohan Subramaniam in association with Digité, will discuss how your firm can craft a digital transformation strategy that is optimal for your business needs and goals.

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By: Dr. Mohan Subramaniam

Dr. Mohan Subramaniam

Dec 16, 2021

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SwiftKanban – Product Updates and Roadmap

SwiftKanban has made rapid strides in the last 12 months. From new features to support the Upstream process by introducing capabilities for Story Mapping and improvements in Release/ Sprint planning, to strengthening the Downstream execution by adding sophisticated options for automatic % progress computation, SwiftKanban has reinforced its position in the marketplace as a leading Kanban product.

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Swiftenterprise 7.5

SwiftEnterprise 7.5 Release Webinar

Our recent releases have focused on helping you manage your Agile programs efficiently. SwiftEnteprise 7.5 takes this one step further with the introduction of the Agile Program Management dashboard.

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