SwiftKanban: World’s first real Scrumban tool!

While Scrum has had worldwide adoption and success, many teams and organizations have struggled to implement all of its aspects. Their challenges could be related to organizational and role changes, or not being able to meet iteration or release level commitments of scope and time, poor estimation and story leaks and ultimately untested/ poor quality software. If you have faced some or all of these challenges, and are looking for ways to improve your Scrum processes, then you should be looking at Scrumban – the application of Kanban principles to Scrum.

Kanban is a process or a framework to improve what you are already doing gradually. Kanban helps you visualize your workflow, limits work-in-progress and manage the flow of work. It helps you start with what you have and gradually evolve by making changes to your processes that improve your flow and throughput and the final product quality. Kanban applied to Scrum is Scrumban. It helps you take your process that is not working for you and transforms it to a process that does!

SwiftKanban is a leading Kanban tool that also supports Scrum processes with an integrated set of Scrum features and metrics – to make an evolutionary change to your processes.

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