Kanban Practices for Marketing

Kanban in Marketing

Strict Scrum may cause more problems than it solves on marketing teams, but by creating their own customized hybrid methodologies these non-IT teams can enjoy their share of Agile success.

The worlds of software and marketing are converging, but that doesn’t mean the two groups look the same when practicing Agile. Scrum, while still the dominant choice for developers, often fails to translate in a marketing environment. But by incorporating more flow-based practices from the Kanban world, marketers can take Agile and make it their own. This session draws on new research from hundreds of marketers, as well as on-the-ground experience from an Agile marketing coach. If you’re struggling with Agile outside of IT, you may need to start going with the flow.

Andrea FryrearAndrea Fryrear is the President and Lead Trainer at AgileSherpas. She is also an Agile marketing coach, keynote speaker, and author of “Death of a Marketer.” Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), Certified Agile Leader (CAL-1), Certified Professional in Agile Marketing (ICP-MKG) and an ICAgile Authorized Instructor.

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