BY digite | July 1, 2012

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SwiftKanban is happy to once again bring to you an interactive Town-hall style webinar with world-renowned Kanban guru, David J. Anderson. In this webinar, David will present some of the new ideas that have emerged from the Kanban Leadership Retreat in Austria last month, specifically the new approach to assessing the depth of a Kanban implementation. He will then take questions on any Kanban related topic from the audience.

In this popular series of town-hall styled webinars, David answered questions such as:

  • I am working with Scrum/ Iterative Development. Is Kanban for me?
  • We have implemented Kanban – so, now how do I reduce Lead Time?
  • What are some common ways to handle rework and defects?
  • How does one estimate in Kanban?
  • How do you use Kanban metrics more effectively for decision making?

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