BY digite | May 11, 2017

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Determinism is the dark side. Let The Force guide you. When you feel the pull of the dark side to satisfy expectations, reach for your Sonic Screwdriver – and overcome your challenges by introducing classes of service. Class of Service is to the Kanban coach what the Sonic Screwdriver is to Dr. Who – a tool to take on any challenge! Learn how to apply classes of service to achieve large enterprise scale Kanban implementations.

About the Speaker: David is the pioneer of the Kanban Method, an agile and evolutionary approach to change and Enterprise Services Planning, a system of management for professional services, creative and knowledge worker organizations. David is Chairman & CEO of Lean Kanban, Inc., and he has been an Advisor to Digité, Inc. since 2011 and consults with us for our Lean/ Kanban product strategy.

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