8 Reasons to Add a Chatbot For Your Website

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Why Chatbot?

Integrating chatbots on websites is a more comprehensive way to grab your customers’ attention at one glance. A Chatbot lives on your website. It interacts with the website’s visitors via voice or text interface. Curious how chatbots can be used for many purposes and help in your marketing efforts?

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1. No Customer Loss

Imagine having a chatbot that can assist you and your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sounds appealing, right?! Your chatbot starts a conversation with visitors and gives them a reason to stay and know more about a business.

2. Easy access to information

Chatbots take care of helping consumers find what they are looking for on a website speeding up response times. For example, If you want to know more about what products Digite offers to the consumers, you can ask the chatbot on Digite’s website and you’ll get an instant response.

3. Personalized experience

Customers prefer to see only what sparks their interest. They like to see what is tailor-made for them for their personal requirements. Chatbots deliver the best possible experience by understanding different words, analyzing them and understanding the context to acknowledge a question fully.

The end goal of every business is to generate more leads and sales. Chatbots help in achieving these goals by reaching customers instantly when they land on the website page. A chatbot is programmed to understand the needs of the customer and give them an appropriate solution.

4. Lead generation 

5. Cost-saving

Chatbots are not meant to replace your teams, instead they reduce manual labor and save time by accomplishing mundane tasks thereby giving your team members the time to do more creative work.

6. Customer Insights

With customer insights, a chatbot can record all interactions and create better versions for the user. This aids the company in adapting the best method possible. Customer insights can further help a business to do the necessary improvements for better traffic, engagement and leads.

Having a multilingual team to answer visitor questions is difficult to set up, but a chatbot can help. Many companies have embraced the idea of multilingual live chat support for their businesses worldwide to understand exactly what the user wants and respond naturally in their native language, eliminating language barriers for  a better experience.

7. Multi-lingual responses

8. Enables push notifications

Making customers aware of new products and features is an essential part of the business. Instead of bombarding them with notifications, a chatbot can push only the relevant ones to the user.

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