Teradata’s overall flow efficiency improved from 11% to 23% as they managed the flow better.


Implementation of Kanban

When And How Did You Decide To Implement Kanban?

We wanted to transform the current migration projects from Traditional to Agile way. Looking at the current organization maturity and culture; we wanted to go for evolutionary changes hence, we decided to use Kanban.

What Business Functions Have you Implemented Kanban In?

IT Software development, Customer Testing, Implementation, and Operations are implemented into Kanban.

What Benefits have you Experienced due to Implementing Kanban?

The main benefits realized are:
a) Kanban brings a lot of transparency into the system – We can visualize the complete end to end work.
b) We can focus on maximizing flow efficiency; increase customer satisfaction and decrease developer’s workload.
c) Kanban can be used with any other Agile framework (like scrum framework or XP framework) which gives a lot of flexibility to incorporate the best practices from other frameworks.

How did SwiftKanban Help?

When did your Organization Start using SwiftKanban?

Early 2015.

Which Other Tools did you Evaluate Before Selecting SwiftKanban?


What Are Some Of The Key Strengths And Weaknesses Of SwiftKanban That you Would Like To Highlight?

a) It’s very user-friendly.
b) Analytics are good and easy to evaluate.

What Are Some Ways, If Any, In Which SwiftKanban has Made you and your Team More Effective?

We have implemented many things together as a part of the overall Agile Transformation plan and SwiftKanban is one of the tools. We have increased the developer’s efficiency by almost 100%. The Flow efficiency has increased (previously it was very low). Of course, SwiftKanban also helped us to did bring more transparency through better visualization.

More Specifically, can you Share Any Metrics – Such as Lead Time, Throughput or Flow Efficiency – That You Have Seen Improvements as a Result of Using Kanban and SwiftKanban, and by How Much?

With the SwiftKanban Tool we could manage the flow better (Cumulative Diagram).

We could understand the overall Flow efficiency and we could improve the flow efficiency from 11% to 23%

Would you Recommend SwiftKanban To Others? If Yes, Could You List the Top 3 Reasons For Doing So?

a) Ease of using the tool
b) Analytics
c) Better visualization

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