Instem achieves 10% improvement in Throughput, gets a better visualization of work, quality & process improvements.


Implementation of Kanban

When and How Did You Decide To Implement Kanban?

We started to implement Kanban in 2014.

What Business Functions Have you Implemented Kanban In?

Software development & Professional Services.

What Benefits have you Experienced due to Implementing Kanban?

Better visualization of work, quality improvements, process improvements.

How did SwiftKanban Help?

When did your Organization Start using SwiftKanban?


Which Other Tools did you Evaluate Before Selecting SwiftKanban?

LeanKit, Kanbanize & TargetProcess.

What Are Some Of The Key Strengths And Weaknesses Of SwiftKanban That you Would Like To Highlight?

Good reporting. Easy to manipulate (board, swimlane and card level). Very easy to work with and lots of useful shortcuts. The export functionality works well. Release & iteration management is very straightforward and works well.

What Are Some Ways, If Any, In Which SwiftKanban has Made you and your Team More Effective?

Enabled better visualization of workflow and earlier identification of blocked work items. Reporting has helped to identify trends for focus. Ease of use meant we ditched other bug tracking tools and used SwiftKanban in preference to a dedicated bug tracker.

More Specifically, can you Share Any Metrics – Such as Lead Time, Throughput or Flow Efficiency – That You Have Seen Improvements as a Result of Using Kanban and SwiftKanban, and by How Much?

Roughly 10% improvement in Throughput.

Would you Recommend SwiftKanban To Others? If Yes, Could You List the Top 3 Reasons For Doing So?


Easy to use, highly configurable and has good reporting.

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