Personal Team Kanban

Personal/ Team Kanban Kanban and Visual Project Management done right!

SwiftKanban provides you an extensive set of features to help you visualize your workflow and work, define WIP limits, highlight trouble-spots, help them with their daily stand-ups, retrospectives and other regular meetings; and get extensive actionable analytics to help improve their overall process and flow.

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Story Mapping Visualize and Plan your User Journey

Story Mapping tool offers you a comprehensive tool that follows the popular Story Mapping method from Jeff Patton to communicate the end-to-end user journey from a high-level big picture to actionable user stories.

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Kanban Story Mapping

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban

Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban Enterprise-level Visibility and Flow

SwiftKanban provides several important features needed by organizations to support Enterprise level Lean Initiatives and Visual Project Management. SwiftKanban provides strong Portfolio Kanban features, Resource Capacity Management and On-Premise/ Private Cloud availability.

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Analytics Kanban Insights Powered by Predictive Analytics

SwiftKanban provides the widest range of Kanban tools/metrics, including Lead/ Cycle Time, Throughput, Flow Efficiency, Blocking Time Analysis, Adjacency Matrix and several others to help you focus on the right measure for improvement for your business.

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Kanban Insights Powered by Predictive Analytics

SwiftESP – ESP with SwiftKanban

SwiftESP – ESP with SwiftKanban Powerful Predictive Analytics and Risk Management

Digité has partnered closely with David Anderson and the LeanKanban, Inc. for building support for Enterprise Services Planning using SwiftKanban. SwiftESP is a power capability for teams using Kanban for Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment, Demand and Capability analysis and Forecasting Delivery based on Risk and Cost of Delay.

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Integrations Extensive Integrations for Real-World Agile Solutions

SwiftSync is the most enterprise-ready integration technology available today! We support over 30 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization!

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SwiftKanban Integrations


Scrumban Kanban made Easy for Scrum Teams!

SwiftKanban supports Scrum processes with an integrated set of Scrum features and metrics – to help you gradually improve your processes. SwiftKanban’s Scrum features make it one of the best Scrumban tools to give your Agile team full support through their improvement efforts!

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