What is SwiftKanban?

SwiftKanban is a powerful, yet intuitive, Kanban software for helping you manage your Lean/ Agile initiatives. SwiftKanban combines powerful Visualization with Lean Analytics and Ease of Use to give you the best Team Kanban, Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban and Scrum/ Scrumban capabilities.

Whether you are an Agile Marketing team (or HR, Procurement, Legal team for that matter) or an Agile Software/ Project Management/ IT team, SwiftKanban is the best Lean/ Kanban tool for you!

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Why SwiftKanban

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Why SwiftKanban?

The Best Kanban Tool

SwiftKanban is widely regarded as the most sophisticated Lean/ Kanban based Visual Project Management tool for managing a variety of processes in the enterprise. Its key differentiators –

  • Highly configurable to support any business or technology processes and work types.
  • Ability to model complex workflows, with multiple swim lanes and specific hierarchies in each swim lane.
  • Portfolio Kanban abilities enable modeling of work hierarchies, including multi-board Dependency tracking.
  • Widest range of Lean/ Kanban and Scrum metrics.
  • Available in both SaaS and On-Premise versions.


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SwiftKanban Features

  • Personal/ Team Kanban

    Visualize your workflow and work, define WIP limits, highlight trouble-spots, help your teams with their daily stand-ups.

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  • Enterprise/ Portfolio Kanban

    Hierarchical Portfolio Lane with automated progress reporting unique to SwiftKanban, multi-board card hierarchy to define any type of work hierarchy, extensive drill-down and rollup, and more.

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  • Scrum/ Scrumban

    Complete support for the Scrum process including Release and Sprint Planning, Burndown and Burnup charts, time-reporting, Visual Sprint and Release planning and management.

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  • Predictive Analytics

    The widest range of Kanban tools/ metrics, including Lead Time analysis, Throughput, Flow Efficiency, Blocker Analysis, Adjacency Matrix and several others.

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  • SwiftESP

    Powerful capability for teams using Kanban for Portfolio Management, Risk Assessment, Demand and Capability analysis and Forecasting Delivery based on Risk and Cost of Delay.

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  • Wide Range of Integrations

    Over 50 enterprise-class integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization!

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  • REST API Web Services

    You can use SwiftKanban REST APIs as service endpoints to interact with SwiftKanban application remotely and perform various card functions.

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  • Story Mapping

    Story Mapping tool offers you a comprehensive tool that follows the popular Story Mapping method from Jeff Patton to communicate the end-to-end user journey from a high-level big picture to actionable user stories.

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Stay in touch on the move with the SwiftKanban Mobile App

Manage your Kanban boards on the go, any time, anywhere! Have a sudden brilliant idea? Add a card on your Kanban board instantly! Get notifications on key project events. Instantly interact and collaborate with your colleagues and customers. Comments on ongoing discussion! Keep your team updated at all times.

Download the SwiftKanban app for your iOS or Android device and get started!

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Case Studies

SwiftKanban helped Ding increase their Flow Efficiency from 18% to 40% and also enhanced their collaboration with remote workers.

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Alchemetrics implemented SwiftKanban in their Development teams. It has helped them achieve higher productivity and greater team collaboration.

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Using SwiftKanban, MSG Systems achieved better focus, better communication and a culture of Kaizen in the whole team.

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Worthington dramatically improved Visibility to jobs and workflows in their processes with the implementation of SwiftKanban.

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Teradata implemented SwiftKanban as a solution to the complex work done in their product Build and Test phases, in some cases reducing delivery lead-time from every 6 months to every 2 weeks!

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Tedder Industries reduced their project-delivery lead-time from 4-6 months to just 2-3 months with the help of SwiftKanban. In one extreme case, they did a full product launch in just 9 days!

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