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SwiftEnterprise is a team management software that allows you to  collaborate with your peers, subordinates, and managers on projects, technology, methodology, and other topics, share files, discuss, and comment. Here are some of the useful project collaboration features:


The Forums module in SwiftEnterprise gives you an independent space where discussions are saved in the system and available for future reference. The Forums module in My Work lets you collaborate across the organization, irrespective of the role assigned or project to which you are allocated.

Forum Module In Swiftenterprise Gives An Independent Space Where Discussions Are Saved In The System For Future Reference.

The Forums can be topic-specific. Create a Forum for a special discussion and post topics to it. Any user in the enterprise can reply to a topic or post a new topic.


The Comments section in any workitem helps in collaborating with team members, in context of the work-item and serves as a good knowledge base. The Comments section is available for every workitem, after it is added and saved.

Swiftenterprise Is A Team Management Software That Allows You To Collaborate With Your Team And See The Comments.


You can connect and discuss with team members who are working on that workitem.

You Can Connect And Discuss With Team Members Who Are Working On Workitems With The Best Work Management Software

Document Sharing & Versioning

With Swiftenterprise Task Management Tool Business Documents Are Readily Available For Team Members

Collaborate on project documents by defining the ‘life cycle’ of documents in a project, which includes uploading the document, sharing, reviewing, retrieving previous versions, and workflow-based approval process. With SwiftEnterprise, the best work management software, project information and business documents are readily available for team members. You can also establish traceability with other project items and convert them into Process Assets, for sharing across the organization.

At any point, you may want to track the change history of a workitem. The Previous Versions section available for every workitem maintains a history of changes made to it, where you can view different versions and even compare two versions to find differences.

Team Dynamics

Using Artificial Intelligence and advanced NLP techniques including Sentiment Analysis, we can help you understand how your teams perform and react across projects, in real-time.

  • Analyze work-item level emotions and automatically assign a score which is aggregated at the  project level.
  • Track how happy or negative your team might be as a project progresses, issues arise and are addressed.
  • Step in when a team’s happiness index is lower than usual and ensure hidden issues are drawn out and resolved.
  • Understand who influences your team and see how information flows among stakeholders using the Trust Network.

Team Dynamics


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