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Build Rules as per Your Business Needs

Automation has always been a great time and effort saver as it eliminates the need to perform repetitive or manual tasks. While working on a project in SwiftEnterprise, one of the best task management software, many a time you might have wanted to automate certain routine tasks which consume much of your time and effort. With the Business Rules, you can now configure and execute business rules to automate repetitive tasks. Business Rules allow you to automate actions within your project based on the criteria that you set.

All the Triggers & Actions That You Need

We offer a wide variety of events that act as a trigger for a rule execution:

  • A Critical bug is reported (Create Card)
  • Priority of a Bug changes to the Critical (Update Card)
  • A Bug is sent back to the Development stage (Reject Card)
  • Or moved forward for closure when fixed in a release (Route Card)

And we have also taken care of similar use cases for your Agile execution:

  • When work comes to a halt or resumes (Card Blocked/ Unblocked)
    Notify Leads to highlight bottle-neck on board (WIP Limit Violation)
  • The best part is, all these triggers are supported as Actions as well!

So, go ahead and create, update, block/unblock, route/reject cards as per the business needs. You also have the flexibility to update parent and child cards based on business needs. And every time that happens, users are notified upfront and recorded as part of the audit log and versioning.

Build Once, Execute Multiple Times

While Business Rules automate your work updates, you can work smart to automate them! Simply define the frequency at which the rule execution should repeat automatically.

We have extended this capability to cater to the common business need to create recurring cards that will serve the purpose of card creation at regular intervals such as the creation of Weekly Status Meetings.

Build for Complex Business Scenarios with Task Automation Software

We have provided a wide variety of options so that you can trigger the execution of business rules for complex conditions with ease. Be it the simple And, Or, 3 level parentheses operators or the complex conditions that allow you to compare with specified input value or greater/lesser than the value of another field. All these when used together become a powerful way to trap any complex data condition and take action as per the business need.

And if you have configured many rules in the project that may conflict with each other, we have provided a way to sequence them as well so that they follow your order always.


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