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Swift Reports/ Rules - Status Reporting Tool

While SwiftEnterprise status reporting tool provides extensive configurable dashboards and reporting capabilities, you know that your organization or your team have your own specific needs for managing your projects and reporting progress/ status!

Our customers use SwiftEnterprise for tens of thousands of users and thousands of different types of projects within a single enterprise. Each project or business unit may have its own business needs for the way the SwiftEnterprise enterprise project management software behaves in the context of the business or a specific project or customer.

Using Swift Reports and Rules capabilities, you can configure the exact set of reports and other features you need to manage your projects and teams effectively.

Configure a set of reports and manage your team with SwiftEnterprise’s enterprise project management software


SwiftEnterprise ECR is a powerful custom reporting module and a popular add-on to SwiftEnterprise! ECR provides enhanced capability to SwiftEnterprise’s modules.

Using our Status reporting tool, you can create complex forms and editable spreadsheets.

It is built on top of SwiftEnterprise’s framework consisting of tasks, efforts, defects, traceability and their inter-relationships. It enables simple as well as complex reports developments, without ANY custom coding and a self-service approach. Also, ECR reports can be generated near real-time, so there is no dependency on or MSP check-ins, nightly scheduler, o other batch jobs.

SwiftReports is not just a reporting framework. It is a powerful forms builder as well, using a common language and syntax. It can be configured as part of process template configuration. Thus, different life-cycles can have different status/ metric reports configured.

It can be innovatively used to create complex forms like Project Management Plan, Estimation Templates and many other types of editable documents and spreadsheets with editable and calculated fields.


SwiftEnterprise Rules is a powerful and configurable rules framework to automate many of the E-Form based customization/ validation/ business rules requirements. It s built on top of the SwiftReports framework. One of the major advantages is that no custom code development, maintenance, bug-fixing and regression testing/re-certification cycles are required on every major release as all Rules built using SwiftRules will be compatible with the new release.


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