SwiftEnterprise 9.4

In this release, we have introduced a new option to track the progress of your STaRT Plus task plans based on percent complete. We have also enhanced the scheduling mechanism to provide visibility on the expected task completion date of past due tasks. Along with these, we have made improvements in other areas of the application for a better overall experience.


Progress Tracking based on % Work Complete

Progress Tracking

There are times when you wish to drive task plans by updating progress directly on the task instead of filling in timesheet data to drive the progress. To serve this need, we have provided a manual mode of progress tracking at the project and package levels. This allows the task plan owners to update the percent work complete, actual start, and actual finish dates of tasks directly.

Know When the Past Due Tasks will Complete

Due Tasks

For task plans owners relying on timesheet data from team members to track progress, it is important to know when the past due tasks are expected to complete. To serve this purpose, we have enhanced the scheduling mechanism to revise the task’s planned finish based on the remaining effort when the task plan is checked out for scheduling updates.

Scheduling Based on Actual Completion

Scheduling of dependent tasks has been made more effective as we now give precedence to the actual finish date over the planned finish date. For example, consider two tasks with Finish to Start dependency. The successor task’s planned start will now shift based on the actual finish date of the predecessor task, even if the planned finish date is unchanged.

NOTE: These enhancements are applicable when the STaRT Plus module is enabled.

Please refer to the Release Notes for details on the new features, enhancements, and defect fixes shipped in this release. All the release artifacts can be accessed using your FTP customer account credentials. SQL Server customers click here and Oracle customers click here to download the release bundle.