SwiftEnterprise 9.0

SwiftEnterprise 9.0 is packed with lots of new goodies that will help you plan, track and monitor your projects much more effectively. In this release, we have super-charged STaRT by introducing powerful capabilities to manage different ways of task scheduling. On the analytics front, we have provided the ability to plot big number widgets and given a free hand to resize the dashboard widgets as per the need. And finally, you can try our new UI having the re-designed navigation layout, re-organized toolbar, and many other usability enhancements to help you get work done more efficiently.

Here is the recording of the webinar where we cover important aspects of this release:


New User Experience for STaRT Module


This release offers you a new user experience to build and manage your task plans. New filters, views along with enhanced resource assignments panel, and Gantt Chart view provide deeper insights into the task details in a hassle-free manner.

STaRT Plus Capabilities

Our native scheduling helped you in Simple Tasks and Resource Tracking (STaRT) effectively. Now we have given STaRT a major boost with advanced scheduling capabilities similar to the capabilities typically seen in tools like Microsoft Project:

New Task Types

While our home-grown task type “Fixed Dates” helped you keep all the task dates unchanged until explicitly changed manually, new task types Fixed Units, Fixed Work, and Fixed Duration allow you to plan and schedule different types of work.

New Task Dependency Types

While the Finish to Start (FS) dependency type came in handy most of the time for dependent tasks, the new dependency types SS, SF, FF dependencies help you plan dependent tasks for various scenarios.

New Task Constraint Types

While the implicit behavior for our STaRT scheduling engine was similar to the “As Soon As Possible” type of constraint, a new set of constraint types are now supported such as “Must Start On”, “Finish No Later Than” and more.

New Critical Path Tracking

We have also introduced Critical Path tracking capability so that you can focus on the tasks that drive the overall task plan schedule to completion.

NOTE: STaRT Plus is license-driven and is currently in the BETA stage. Contact your SwiftEnterprise Account Manager to enable this module and try it out.


Swiftenterprise Analytics Dashboard

Freely Resize Dashboard Widgets

The 3 widget sizes sufficed the need to visualize the data in chart format. However, with the rising need to view tabular data with varying numbers of rows and columns in the dashboard, it became important to support flexible sizing. So, we have eased out on the restrictions and given a free hand to resize widgets as per the need.

Make the Numbers that Matter Stand Out

There are times when a single number could represent an important aspect of project status tracking such as the defect arrival for this week or the total effort spent in a release. To fulfill this need, we introduced the Tile widget with the ability to define tile color based on conditions. Similarly, you can plot the big number as a Dial chart to help you get a perspective of the actual value against a defined range.

New User Experience

Swiftenterprise New Ui

SwiftEnterprise has got a new look! The new User experience is rich; yet simple, logically organized, and intuitive. With the new user interface (UI), we have brought in some industry-proven best practices of the new-gen UX design. The navigation options on the top are moved to a dockable menu on the left and the menu-based navigation is transformed to the breadcrumb-based navigation. The workitem listing toolbar is also redesigned by giving easy access to filters and hiding the visual clutter of seldom used options under the overflow menu. All this and more has been done to make your experience better in various ways.

NOTE: New UI can be toggled on by the user and is currently in the BETA stage.

Please refer to the Release Notes for details on the new features, enhancements, and defect fixes shipped in this release. All the release artifacts can be accessed using your FTP customer account credentials. SQL Server customers click here and Oracle customers click here to download the release bundle.