SwiftEnterprise 8.1

After the launch of Business Rules in the previous release, this release brings to you multiple ways to track all issues affecting your card’s progress directly as well as automated by Business Rules. Now you can provide visibility of all blockers and impediments for your card by raising multiple blockers or flags. Similarly, you can automate the same via Business Rules with the help of the new triggers and actions. All this and more are bundled in this release to empower your Agile transformation journey so that you can continue to deliver better outcomes.


Track Multiple Blockers and Flags on a Card

There are times when multiple issues need to be resolved so that the card continues to make progress across the value stream. These could be blockers due to which you cannot move the card or impediments that need action by the card owners. In order to serve this need, you can now add multiple blockers or flags on a card and unblock/unflag them as they get resolved one by one. This way, you get visibility on the blockers/flags that need to be resolved or acted upon.

Multiple Blocks

Business Rules

Update Blockers and Flags from Business Rules

Now that you can give visibility of multiple blockers and impediments for your card manually, the same can be automated via Business Rules. For example, every time a blocker is raised that requires assistance from another team, you can automate the creation of an action item for each team. Also, in addition to Block/Unblock actions via Business Rules, we are now supporting Flag/Unflag actions. So, you can configure a Business Rule to flag a card automatically when the Due Date has passed so that the card owners do the needful to get it back on track. This way you can set up Business Rules to add multiple Blockers or Flags and update the card when it is Blocked/Unblocked or Flagged/Unflagged, as per your business needs.

Other Enhancements

  • The Read-Only restriction for a blocked card has been relaxed so that you can continue to work on it and update the card to reflect the same. Only after all the blockers are resolved, you can move it forward in the value stream.
  • We have ensured Blocking Reason is provided by the user when a card is blocked so that you are able to analyze the blockers that impacted your work progress through the Blocking Reason Analysis widget.
  • Users will be notified upfront when Business Rule for WIP limit violation is executed upon movement of a card.
  • Card Owners will be notified by email when their cards are updated by the frequency-based Business Rules.

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