SwiftEnterprise 7.5

Here is an overview of what’s new in the SwiftEnterprise 7.5 release.

In our recent releases, we helped you manage Agile programs with new capabilities. This included building a work hierarchy of different work types that can span across projects and have dependencies. In this release, we help you monitor the progress of the Agile programs effectively with a brand new dashboard. The Agile Program Management dashboard provides key insights on how the program is progressing in terms of the scope and timeline commitments. It also gives visibility of the distribution of different work types and team members geographically to help you assess ways to mitigate any slippage risks. We have also enhanced the accuracy of monitoring the progress of your cards on the value stream. On the stack upgrade front, we have upgraded our application’s JQuery version to enable superior security compliance.

Agile Program Management

Timeline Progress

Whether you are assessing a Theme or a Release, each workitem is distinctly represented by Planned Duration and Actual Progress bars on the timeline visualization. The red bars will quickly help you assess if there is any slippage happening based on the progress being made so far. You can also expand the Theme or Release for an in-depth understanding of the progress being made at each level. The mini view of the Timeline Progress widget helps you get a quick snapshot of the progress for the selected parent workitem or the delivery cadence.

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Predicted Date of Completion

Once you have determined the workitems that are at risk of slipping the committed timeline, this widget helps you understand further how the scope addition and scope completion are contributing to slippage. While the graph clearly indicates the scope slippage and the timeline slippage for easy interpretation, the key metrics are visible on top always. The Current Velocity, Required Velocity, Slippage and Predicted End Date are shown alongwith the change since the past day.

Predicted Date Widget

Work Type and Size Distribution

After gaining an understanding of the slippage and required velocity at which work needs to be completed, the next step is to assess the work at hand. The Work Type Distribution widget gives you high level visualization on what kind of work needs to be completed for the chosen Theme or Release through a donut chart. While the Workitem Size Distribution widget helps you understand the work distribution based on its estimated Points in a nested treemap visualization. With the help of these widgets one can decide to de-prioritize or re-plan work to avoid spillover.


Team Distribution

Another way one may mitigate the risk of slippage is by having colocated team members. The globe and map visualization quickly help you understand how your team is distributed across various locations. You can then decide if more team members need to be working together in the same time zone for better synergy and streamlined delivery of work. We have introduced this visualization as standalone widgets at project and organization level dashboard as well.

Team Distribution Widget

NOTE: The Agile Program Management dashboard is available as an add-on module and currently in the BETA stage. Contact your SwiftEnterprise Account Manager to enable this module and try it out.

Other Enhancements

  • We have upgraded the JQuery library to the latest version 3.5.1. This has multiple security & compliance benefits. Refer Release artifacts for details.
  • Track progress of workitems accurately by classifying value stream columns as Ready, In-Progress, Waiting and Done.
  • If you are managing your cards through an external system, you can now manage cards on the Execution Board via Web Services and XLS/CSV import.
  • Cards moved into the Done type of column on the value stream board will get closed and will remain on the board for visibility of work completed. NOTE: Refer Release Notes for details on the functional impact due to this enhancement.

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