SwiftEnterprise 7.0

14 Aug 20

Here is an overview of what’s new in the SwiftEnterprise 7.0 release.

We hope you’re home, healthy and safe! While our world-class Lean-Agile capabilities continue to power your agile transformation journey, we understand executing across multiple projects and multiple hierarchy levels require a different toolkit. We are happy to announce SwiftEnterprise 7.0, this release is focused to help you scale your agile execution with many new features that enable you to build the desired work hierarchy and across projects, visually.

Also, there are multiple ways to track their progress so that you can choose the best-fit approach for each work type and visualize their progress on the value stream board itself. In essence, these new capabilities help you tailor and manage execution of Agile Program as per your organizational needs. And as part of our AI initiative, we have revamped our BOT Trainer so that you can harness the power of AI to generate training examples and also effectively track as well as fine-tune the Bot performance. Along with this, we have enhanced other areas of the application so that you get the best out of them.

Agile Program Management

Build Your Desired Work Hierarchy

We understand Themes to Epics, Epics to User/Technical Stories hierarchy within a project can be limiting, especially when you are working on large requirements and have teams working on them across projects. To address this need, we have introduced a visual hierarchy view that allows you to build your own workitem hierarchy across projects seamlessly. You can add new or existing workitems as parent or child workitems to visualize the work hierarchy as per your business need. Similarly, we have also enhanced the visualization and interaction for Traceability.

Card Hierarchy

Choose Method for Progress Computation

While it is important to have a full view of the work hierarchy, it’s equally important to have their progress derived in a manner that is most suitable for that level. Now you can select from multiple approaches ranging from completion of child cards to completion of ToDos to give you the true picture of progress made by the cards.

Percent Complete Preferences

Visualize Progress on Execution Board

Visualizing your value stream is one of the key tenets of Lean execution so that you can easily assess the progress of your workitems at a glance. Now, we have extended this capability to assess progress made by the parent cards as well. Simply designate a column as the Percent Progress column in the value stream to see the parent cards move ahead as they make progress.

Percent Complete Column

Enhanced Visualization for Agile Cards

With capabilities to build your own work hierarchy and track their progress at each level, we have ensured this information is easily available via the cards on the Execution Board. The enhanced card layout gives complete freedom to design the card for each card type so that progress indicator, any attribute, actions or flags of your choice are seen upfront on the card.

New Card Layout

Track Any Agile Card on the Execution Board

You can now track any existing or new workitem onto the board with the enhanced “Add Card” capability on the Execution Board. Moreover, the restriction to have only cards tagged to Release for them to be seen on the Execution Board has been removed so that you can visualize progress of workitems like Themes, Epics on the value stream. Also, you can now set a default Lane for each card type so that you don’t have to move the new workitems to the relevant lane.

Track Any Agile Card

AI-Powered Capabilities

Enhanced BOT Trainer

Now training your ChatBot becomes easier with the revamped Bot Trainer. The new user interface covers all aspects of the Trainer end-to-end so that training the Swift Bot is quick and efficient. Each step of the training has been enhanced so that you have detailed tracking of the Bot performance, ability to fine-tune the responses based on the chat history, map user utterances to intents directly and even generate training examples with the power of AI!

Bot Trainer

Other Enhancements

  • Setup polls/surveys for specific audience through External Work Requests by specifying the valid email addresses.
  • Just like from the Outlook Desktop app, you can now raise External Work Requests from your Web Outlook by sideloading our new app.
  • Filling up the External Work Request forms has become easier as we have extended the capability of pre-populating fields to drop-down fields.

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