SwiftEnterprise 6.8

03 May 2020

As part of this release, you will now be able to set up the AI-powered similar workitems feature such that you get the complete advantage of your organization’s data. You can also fine-tune the AI techniques for recommending field values to be auto-populated so that it serves the purpose of the field. And you can also swiftly log time on your workitems via our Swiftbot. While these AI capabilities help you save time, we have introduced Tags feature so that remembering your Agile cards by your choicest words is easier. Along with these, we have enhanced the Execution Board on Mobile App, Story Map Board and other areas of the application to help you get a better experience overall.

AI-Powered Capabilities

Similar Workitems Across Projects & Workitem Types

Having details of similar workitems handy can save you valuable time. It can not only help you get the work done better but faster as well! In this release, we have enhanced this capability further so that you can fine-tune it to your context and get the best possible recommendations.

Workitem Types

Now, you can designate the field whose data will drive the recommendations for similar workitems at the project level. You can even set it up in a manner so that workitems in other projects and of other workitem types are searched for similarity.

Provide Feedback to AI-Powered Recommendations

While we have given the additional layer of options to help you fine-tune the AI recommendations, we understand there is always scope for improvement. So, we have incorporated a nifty feedback mechanism when you are not satisfied with the recommended similar workitem.

Ai-Powered Recommendations

Select Behaviors for Auto-populating Fields

Creating a workitem becomes a time-consuming activity when there are several fields to be filled up! At such times, getting the fields auto-populated by the AI-powered recommendations is a boon. We have taken this capability to the next level by letting you select a recommendation behavior that you feel is most suitable to the field that you would like to auto-populate.

Auto Populate Workitem

Log Time via AI-Powered Swiftbot

Logging time on workitems is one of the regular activities for which you had to navigate to the time tracking screen or the respective workitems. We have simplified that by now allowing you to log time via the Swiftbot. Simply type “Log 4 Hrs.” and the Swiftbot will prompt you a list of workitems for which you can save those hours.


NOTE: These AI capabilities are available as add-on modules and currently in BETA. Please contact your Support SPOC to enable and try it out these new features.


Tag Your Cards

Generally, you categorize cards based on the values set against various fields configured on the workitem. With the help of the new Tags field, you can reduce your dependency on multiple fields to help you filter on the cards of your choice. And the best part is, you create these tags! So, instead of relying on a predefined list of values, simply tag a card the way you want to remember it!


Filter Cards on Mobile App

Looking for the relevant cards on the Execution Board of your Mobile App has now become easier. The Mobile App now offers the same filtering capabilities present on the web version of the Execution Board.

Mobile App

Other Enhancements

  • Build separate story maps for multiple functionalities tracked in the same project
  • Include an image in the description provided via the External Work Request form
  • Workitem Type included in deletion confirmation message to avoid ambiguity
  • Tags icon shown on the card on Execution board to help you view the tags
  • Interface of the comments section has been enhanced aesthetically

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