SwiftEnterprise 6.7

11 Apr 2020

This release has enhancements to our AI-powered capabilities, a new way to gather work requests from external users, and updates to REST APIs to help you get the most out of the application. Along with these, we have enhanced other areas of the application to make your overall experience smoother.

AI-Powered Capabilities

Auto-populate Specific Fields for a Workitem

Creating a workitem becomes cumbersome when there are several fields. At such times, getting the fields auto-populated by the AI-powered recommendations is a boon. We have enhanced this feature such that fields of your choice are auto-populated. This way, fields that are updated over the lifecycle of the workitem can be skipped from auto-population during workitem creation.

Auto-Populate Specific Fields For A Workitem

View Similar Workitems

Having details of similar workitems handy for reference helps you get a better understanding of the work at hand and how work of that nature has been dealt with earlier. This is now possible by a simple click on the bulb icon next to the workitem details view. The AI-engine will recommend similar workitems for the current workitem and you can refer to them to get work done in a better manner.


New External Work Requests Feature

Gather Work Requests from External Users

There are times when you want to track work requests coming from users who are not part of your system. It could be some feedback, a ticket, a bug or simply something that needs to be added in your work tracker on an adhoc basis so that you don’t lose track of it. Generally, this requires some sort of integration or a manual process of collating such requests in Excel and importing them.

Work Requests

Well, we have cut short all these steps with our new External Work Requests feature. This feature helps you configure a new form inside your project with mandatory and optional fields of a workitem type along with the description field to capture details given by an external user. This form can then be embedded in any website so that any external user can fill and submit it to create a new workitem.


Rate-Limit Throttling for REST APIs

We have introduced Rate-Limit Throttling in REST APIs. This will help reduce the load on the server by limiting the number of REST API calls/minute. This will not only improve the end-user experience but also provide an additional layer of security. By default, the throttling has been set at 600 requests/minute.

Updates to the Responses of REST APIs

We have added a new key, CreatedBy, in the response of /EFormService/ getEFormDetailsDefinitionForOwner/{OwnerType}/{OwnerId} Rest API and three new keys maxCharLength, Length, and Height in the response of /EFormService/ getEFormDefinition/{OwnerType}/{OwnerId}/{ItemType} API.

Browser Support

Update for Microsoft IE 11 and Edge Browser Support

To provide you the best possible user experience it is important for us to take advantage of the modern web standards. Since Internet Explorer (IE) 11 has not received major updates or support for many modern web standards whereas Microsoft Edge has superseded IE 11, we have decided to end the support for IE 11 from 1 July 2020 and start supporting Edge from this release only. This will ensure you have enough time for transition before the support for IE 11 is discontinued.

Usability Enhancements

  • Selected values shown on top for multi-select fields.
  • Comment count highlighted when recent comment is present on the card.

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