SwiftEnterprise 6.4

02 Mar 2020

This release is focused to serve your needs using our REST APIs. You can now generate and fetch data from the SwiftReport tables using the new REST APIs. Also, the REST APIs are versioned so that you can transition to the new version smoothly.

New REST APIs to help you fetch SwiftReports data

There are times when you would like to extract tabular data from the custom reports and slice-n-dice it in other tools for further analysis. Now, with the help of the new REST APIs, you can fetch the tabular data from the reports configured using SwiftReports (ECR) framework. For this need, we have introduced getECRdata REST API that will help you fetch the data from the relevant ECR table in the report.

Another new REST API, regenerateECRSegmentsForItem, has been provided to help you refresh the data for the given report. This way, you can schedule regeneration of the report directly and ensure the most recent data is present in the reports to be extracted for further analysis.

Versioned REST APIs

REST APIs are now versioned based on their URI from this release onwards. So, you can continue to use the older version without getting affected by the changes in the latest version. Refer to the Release Notes for the updates in the new version.

NOTE: Over the next couple of quarters, we will stop supporting the older version. So, we encourage you to plan and transition to the latest version of the REST APIs.

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