SwiftEnterprise 6.0

06 Jan 2020

We are back with another major release packed with AI-powered features. We have harnessed the power of AI to help you create workitems easily and an enhanced Swiftbot to help you in a variety of tasks with the convenience of a conversational UI. We have also brought a new Story Mapping Board that helps you plan your product roadmap visually. Along with this, we have done a wide range of usability enhancements in the dashboard, ECR tables and workitem views in general. So, get ready to explore the new SwiftEnterprise 6.0!

Here is the recording of the webinar which covers all the features/ updates:

AI-Powered Capabilities

Create Workitems in a Jiffy with the Help of AI

Creating a workitem becomes challenging when there are several fields that need to be filled up. At such a time, having the workitem fields auto-populated and having a list of similar workitems handy enables you to fill the details easily & effectively.

Now, we have harnessed the predictive capability of Artificial Intelligence to auto-populate the workitem fields when you are creating a new workitem. Also, similar workitems are recommended alongside so that you can easily refer to its details.


NOTE: This feature is available as add-on module and currently in BETA. Please contact your SwiftEnterprise Support SPOC to enable this module and try it out.

New Swiftbot Capabilities

Achieve greater user engagement with the help of the conversational user interface. Using powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural language processing (NLP) techniques, the Swiftbot works as an “all-in-one” virtual assistant to help you in different ways:

  • Informative: Get information about workitems in your inbox.
  • Actionable: Route, reject, block, unblock a workitem in your inbox.
  • Navigator: Navigate to a page directly without going through multiple menus.
  • Helper: Get quick answers and links to User Guide to understand the features.
  • Trainer: Train Swiftbot to work as per your customized solution and online help.


NOTE: This feature is available as add-on module and currently in BETA. Please contact your SwiftEnterprise Support SPOC to enable this module and try it out.

Story Mapping Module

Visualize your Roadmap using Story Mapping Board

The Story Mapping Board enables you to organize user stories into a visual map that communicates the end-to-end user journey. Inspired by Jeff Patton’s famous model, this visualization helps you:

  • Frame the big picture/theme to achieve the objective.
  • Breakdown the objective into steps/epics from a persona’s perspective.
  • Detail the epics further into the common building blocks like user stories.
  • Associate the user stories with a release strategy to plan their delivery timeline.

Story Mapping

NOTE: This feature is available as add-on module in Agile projects and currently in BETA. Please contact your SwiftEnterprise Support SPOC to try out this module.

Execution Board on Mobile App

Now track your Agile development on-the-go with the Execution Board on Mobile App. Just like the web application, you can view cards in your agile project’s lane and drag-n-drop them from one column to another. You can also perform the standard actions like block, flag, move, complete and move card in similar manner.

Execution Board

Dashboard Enhancements

  • The drill-down path is now shown on top of the widget always to help you get the context of how you have narrowed down to a specific data point.
  • While publishing an ECR table as a dashboard widget, you can now specify the Help file path so that it is shown as a Help page for the widget.
  • You can now change the axis labels and invert the chart axis on the fly for ECR Dashboard widgets.
  • New literal, SETCHARTGOALS, introduced to help you display the goal values on charts of ECR Dashboard widgets.

ECR Table Enhancements

  • You can configure to navigate to another segment of the workitem or to another menu as per your business needs by using new literal, GOTOMENUORSEGMENT.
  • ECR Tables are now equipped with the ability to show/hide columns in them. This is also be persisted for the user at the instance level.
  • ECR Tables are now equipped with the ability to go to full-screen mode, so that you get more real estate to view all the data without having to scroll much.
  • ECR tables are now equipped with the ability to store email IDs with the support of the Email field type.

Other Enhancements

  • We have introduced a new Rest API, deleteUserCalendarExceptions, to help you remove one or more user’s calendar exceptions.
  • Option to lock/unlock certain columns in the table view is now available. This way you don’t lose context of the important columns while scrolling through them.
  • Full-screen option has been made available in the workitem details view, so that you get maximum screen space to view all its details.
  • Number of remaining characters are shown while entering text in your multi-line text fields and comments.



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