SwiftEnterprise 5.10

13 Sep 2019

We have leveraged this release to polish up SwiftEnterprise by improving its usability and reliability to make your overall experience better.

Agile Execution Board

Change Color of the Card from Card Designer menu in Execution Board

Users can now change the color of the different card types shown on the Execution Board via the Card Designer page. Earlier, the card color of an Agile workitem type on the Execution Board could be changed via the eForm Configuration menu only. Now you can set the card color of the workitem from the eForm Configuration menu as well as the Card Designer menu in the Execution Board. On similar lines, the ability to update Default ToDos and Card Attributes is now governed by the accessibility to the Card Designer menu of the Execution Board.

eForm Framework

XLS Import of Workitems

For workitems that get uploaded via XLS import frequently and simultaneously, we have introduced a new mechanism to ensure that the upload happens in a synchronous manner and possible data issues due to concurrent upload are avoided. Once the mechanism is enabled for the workitem type, XLS import will happen in the background and the user will be notified about the results via email. The email will contain the import results (such as how many workitems have got added, modified, etc.). The email will also have the XLS attached that was imported so that any failures that needs to be corrected can be done and tried again.

If you would like this mechanism to be enabled for any of your eForms that could have users uploading workitems simultaneously in large numbers, then please reach out to your support team for more details on how to enable this feature.

Usability Enhancements

  • For better understanding, we have enhanced the Add, Import and Export icons typically seen on the workitem listing pages.
  • For better understanding, the GITALMTransactions Virtual eForm has been renamed to GitCommitLog.
  • The “UnAllocate” button in the detail view of a team member has been rectified to “Deallocate”.

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