SwiftEnterprise 5.0

14 Nov 18

Experience Enterprise Class Agility with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in SwiftEnterprise 5.0!

SwiftEnterprise 5.0 brings to you Team Dynamics – Emotional Intelligence Analytics – that gives you powerful insights into your team’s emotional health and its impact on team and project performance, based on their interaction on various project tasks! We have also started our journey of AI based assistance by going conversational. Now, using Slack, talk to our Chatbot to get quick information about your work and perform routine actions right from your Slack channel.

For our Agile projects, two new charts – Sprint Burndown and Release Burnup – have been introduced, with suggestions to help you take timely action to keep your Sprint and Release commitments.

Finally, your ability to slice and dice project data across multiple task types has become turbocharged with our brand new Pivot Analytics! The Pivot chart lets you easily drag and drop work-item attributes in a 2-dimensional matrix and understand their correlation in both tabular and graphic forms.

New Team Dynamics Analytics

We all understand the impact of a happy self-organizing team delivering value with high quality. The opposite is also true. Unhappy teams deliver bad quality in unacceptable timelines. Our products now come with the power of Team Dynamics. Using Artificial Intelligence and advanced NLP techniques including Sentiment Analysis, Team Dynamics help you understand how your teams perform and react across projects, in real-time.

Multidimensional Team Dynamics Metrics (TDM) are generated by analyzing the sentiments, tones, disagreements, trust, and conflicts in team conversations within the project, using Advanced AI/ML to give you insight on how happy or unhappy the team is feeling. By connecting with DeepAffects, TDM provides insights into the team’s dynamic state (Performing, Storming, Outperforming etc.), trust network, conflicts & more. This module is available on our SaaS instances, as an add-on to any of our products.

Team Dynamics

New Slack Chatbot BETA

Leveraging the power of conversational AI, the SwiftEnterprise Chatbot on Slack lets you know what’s in your inbox and enables you to perform routine actions on them like route, reject and log time, right from your Slack channel. The AI assistant works based on context and intelligent dialogue management to ensure that you have smarter dialogue every time you interact with it, while the BOT continues to learn & improve through real conversations. This module is available as an add-on and is currently in BETA stage.

Ai Chatbot

New Sprint Burndown Chart

The new Sprint Burndown chart offers you a clear view of the team’s progress as-of today, in terms of remaining hours for the ongoing sprint. If the team is lagging in its planned progress, then the summary highlights the projected spillover. It also suggests the percentage at which you need to spend the remaining effort higher than the current burn down rate to avoid the projected spillover.

Sprint Burndown

New Release Burnup Chart

With the new Release Burn-up chart, you can easily view the work being completed by the team for the current release, in terms of points and count of cards. The ideal burn-up depicts the rate at which work needs to be performed to complete the release scope on time.

Release Burnup

New Cross Item Pivot Analytics

Now you can quickly view Summary data at the project level, for one or more work-items, with your choice of row or column attributes, using the new Pivot Analytics. The Pivot chart is highly scalable and configurable, with the ability to display voluminous data in a tabular or chart format based on various combinations of work-item fields in rows and columns. It allows you to visualize it in tabular form or in various chart types.

Pivot Table Final

Other Enhancements

  • Get source item details of the workitem copied by using GETEVENTDETAILS
  • Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) support for Mobile App
  • Total count for ‘All Cards’ and ‘My Cards’ views on the Execution Board

Here is the webinar recording explaining the features and enhancement of this release:


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