SwiftEnterprise 4.2

05 Aug 18

This release brings to you whole lot of usability improvements in the area of Agile, STaRT, Dashboard and Mobile App. Now, you have a visual Card Designer to define the attributes and new action icons that should be visible on the card on Execution board. Planning your tasks using STaRT Task plans has become easier with several improvements in copy/paste of tasks and bulk assignment functionality. In the Dashboard, you can copy a widget and move a widget to a different page from the re-organized contextual actions on the widget. And you now have the new timesheet module on the Mobile App so that you can log time across multiple work items and then route the timesheet for approval.

Visual Card Designer

Use the new Visual Card Designer to select the attributes and action icons to be displayed on the card for each workitem type on the Execution Board.

Card Designer

Gather Votes on Cards

You can now choose to gather votes on cards through the new Vote icon. The Votes field on the workitem also keeps track of the number of votes.

Highlight Cards that Need Attention

You can now choose to highlight a concern on a card by flagging it with a comment. Similarly, you can unflag it once it is resolved.

Other Agile Usability Enhancements

  • Copy an existing lane to get the same column structure easily.
  • Log time across weeks from the Time Entry option in ToDos segment.
  • Hover on the Traceability icon to know the type of workitems linked to it.

Intermediate Save for STaRT Task Plans

Earlier, the Save button on STaRT Task plan used to save as well as checkin the task plan. Now, the Save button acts as an intermediate save so that PM can decide to checkin the plan at a later stage once he is done making all the changes. Also, for better understanding, we have provided a new button ‘Checkin’ and renamed the buttons ‘Edit’ to ‘Checkout’ and ‘Undo’ to ‘Revert’.

Start Intermediate

Batch Assignment of Resources Simplified

The batch assign window for STaRT task plan shows the assigned resources on top with respective checkbox selected. Also, the selection of checkbox against the resource decides if they should be assigned or removed from the selected tasks. Perform both these actions by using the single Apply button.

Batch Assign Resources

Other STaRT Usability Enhancements

  • Copy multiple tasks and paste them multiple times.
  • Copied task get pasted as a sibling task below the selected task.
  • Copy/paste resources from one task to another using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Copy or Move a Widget Easily

You no longer have to reconfigure a widget from scratch to replicate it on the same or another dashboard page. The new Copy Widget and Move Widget actions help you get that done easily and quickly. The contextual actions on the widget have also been re-organized so that the primary actions are seen upfront and rest are made available under the More menu to avoid the clutter.

Move Widget Dashboard

Add or Edit Item Filters from Widget Settings

You can now add or edit Global item filters from Item Status widget’s settings page in the Dashboard itself without navigating to the workitem’s listing page.

Item Filter

Mobile App Enhancements

Update Time Across Workitems and Route Timesheet for Approval

Timesheet module is now available in the Mobile App. On the top, the summary view presents the total hours logged across workitems of multiple projects followed by the list of workitems. Once you are done updating time logs across the required workitems for a week, you can route the timesheet for approval.

Change Theme

Now you can update the application’s theme from the mobile app’s drawer menu. The chosen theme is reflected in your web application account also.

Other Enhancements

  • SwiftEnterprise now supports the SVN 3.8 version.
  • Rename the file used to import the workitems as per your need.
  • View the details directly when you tap on workitem on Mobile App.
  • Field slots preserved for ECR table’s column when imported afresh.
  • Matching search keywords shown as per your last 10 global searches.
  • New master list that displays team member’s name along with Login Id.

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