SwiftALM 3.2

02 Apr 18

This release is focused on enhancing your experience on the Mobile App. You can use the Voice search on your Mobile App’s Search bar to easily search for a workitem. You can also view the summary of the timesheet routed to you for approval on the Mobile App in a whole new way. On the ECR front, new RunAPIs have been introduced to manage your ToDos and Cards on the Program Dependency Board. Along with these, we have made several other UI/UX and feature enhancements.

Swiftalm 3.2

What’s New in SwiftALM 3.2?

Voice Search on Mobile App

Now you can easily search for a workitem in Mobile App by using the Voice Search. Simply press the mic icon on the Search bar to enable voice search. Search results will be shown based on the voice input translated into the Search bar automatically.

Swiftalm App Voice Search


Summary View of Timesheet Pending Approval on Mobile App

Tap the “View Details” in-line action of a Timesheet pending approval to view the summary of the logged effort of all the workitems for each day of the week. You can also Approve or Reject the timesheet while viewing the summary details.

Swiftalm Mobile App Work Items


New RunAPIs to Manage ToDos and Cards on Dependency Board

You can now add, modify, and delete a ToDo using the new CreateTODO, UpdateTODO and DeleteTODO RunAPIs respectively. We have also introduced four RunAPIs to add, delete, link, and delink cards on the Program Dependency Board. This will help you manage ToDos on Agile workitems and cards on the Program Dependency Board based on your business specific needs.

Other Enhancements:

  • New HIDEALL parameter for FORMATCELLS function to hide ‘All’ option from multi-select drop-down column.
  • SETALLOWEDROLES function now governs which roles can be assigned as well as removed from a user.
  • Import and Smart Import options made available even when Process Template is deployed.
  • Baseline, Planned, Actual Effort columns added to Baseline Compare report at Project level.
  • Timesheet User’s Profile picture shown on Timesheet pending approval in Homepage.
  • Click anywhere on the workitem in Home Page to invoke in-line actions easily.

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