SwiftALM 2.0

28 Jul 17

SwiftALM 2.0 brings in host of new features and enhancements that will significantly optimize the way you perform various activities in SwiftALM.

New UI/ UX Dashboard
  • Layout Enhancements
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Export Widget in MS Excel
New SwiftALM Mobile App

Introducing the SwiftALM mobile applications for Android and iOS, available on Playstore for download.

Technical Enhancements
  • D3 Charts on Dashboard
  • Eclipse Plugin Compatibility
  • Support for SQL Version 2016
Themes for New SwiftALM UI

Four new vibrant User Interface (UI) theme for SwiftALM.

New UI/ UX Dashboard

Widget Layout Enhancements

Some new Dashboard features have been introduced for better user experience:

  • Bulk Widget Resizing: Now you can resize all your widgets on the page in bulk by selecting the required widget size through Resize All options. You can resize all the widgets to M, L or XL size.
  • Carousel View for Widgets: In this view you can navigate through page widgets one by one in full window. The carousel view shows the widgets in highest level detail i.e. it shows the chart, table and legends altogether for the widget.
    Widget Sorting: 
    Now you can sort the widgets on the page as per the size (M to XL or XL to M) through the Sort Widget icon.
  • Defining Widget Size: The New UI dashboard has a 12 column grid layout, where the default dimensions are as follows: M: (4 X 4), L: (6 X 6), XL: (9 X 9). Now you can select other dimensions for the Standard Widget Sizes. The options available are (5 X 5), (6 X 6), (9 X 9); (4 X 4), (6 X 6), (8 X 8) and (4 X 4), (5 X 5), (6 X 6).
Usability Enhancements

Interactions of Dashboard features enhanced for better usability.

Using the Thumbnail Navigation:

The new thumbnail navigation is more of a visual representation:

  • Now you can see the position and size of pages/widgets in form of thumbnail icons without scrolling to each page/widget.
  • You can even land on a particular page/widget just by clicking on its thumbnail icon.
  • The Thumbnail Navigation gets updated in real time when you make changes in size or position of a page or widget.
Contextual Actions on Hover:

Just by hovering on a page/ widget, you can get all the contextual actions like Invert axis, Toggle Chart/Table, Refresh, Export and others.

Pinning the Chart Legends:

Now, you can pin the Legend bar on the widget’s chart just by clicking the pin icon. It will remain pinned across the sessions unless you unpin it.

Resizing Cards just by a Click:

Earlier, you had to resize the page/widgets by dragging it to different sizes. But now you can by clicking one of the Size box icon (M, L, and XL) available on the footer of the widget.

SwiftALM Mobile App

Now the new way to use our SwiftALM product is through the mobile app. The SwiftALM mobile application for iOS and Android lets you authenticate against the SwiftALM web application. So, you will now get the Home Page experience on your mobile application.

Now you can track the workitems that are assigned to you in the same way you use to track through web application. You can also view icons for the action buttons under inline operation.

Themes for New UI

We have introduced 4 vibrant themes for the application UI that will not only enhance the visual appearance of the application, but also make your viewing more experiential.

Technical Enhancements

SQL version upgrade

We now support SQL version 2016 for database.

Eclipse Plugin Compatibility with Spring Tool Suite

SwiftALM Eclipse plugin is now compatible with the Spring Tool Suite (STS) 3.8.3. Using this plugin, you can use SwiftALM from within the Spring Tool Suite.

Dashboard D3 Charts

Earlier, the charts in the dashboard were rendered using Ext JS. Now they are rendered using D3 charting library.


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