Release Planning and Tracking

Release & Sprint View Board

With the Release & Sprint view board, you can see release and sprint planning effectively using the individual and combined view of the backlog and Release and Planning. You can quickly isolate the features that will be available in the next sprint. You can also see the estimated points/time required to complete each workitem.

Release Planning

Tracking & Forecasting

SwiftEnterprise provides the ability to track and forecast your Release and Sprint planning:

1. Release Burnup

The Release Burnup widget show you the work being completed by the team for the current release. The ideal burnup, the projected spillover and the percentage to burn faster to avoid spillover is also provided.

Release Burnup


2. Sprint Burndown Widget

SwiftEnterprise’s Sprint Burndown widget offers you a clear view of the team’s progress as-on today in terms of remaining hours for the current sprint. In case the team is lagging behind, the summary also highlights the projected spillover if the team continues to work at the current pace and also suggests by what % you need to burn the remaining effort faster to ensure no spillover happens.

Sprint Burndown

Release Planning and Tracking

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