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Process Governance

Process Governance is one of the key differentiators for SwiftEnterprise as a full-function project and application delivery process template management capability.

Most project driven organizations follow a well-defined lifecycle for executing projects or developing, implementing or simply managing a variety of products, applications and services. The lifecycle represents “cradle-to-grave” or “concept-to-delivery” phases of product delivery. The lifecycle itself comprise Lean, Agile and traditional processes or a combination thereof.

SwiftEnterprise’s Process Governance capability enables organizations to capture their best practices for various lifecycle activities and define comprehensive Process Templates for the various types of lifecycles and projects.

These Process Templates include not only the phases and activities of a work breakdown structure for task management, but also a variety of components such as various workflows, metrics and analytics, deliverables, phase-gate (entry-exit) criteria and more. When a new project, product or service is instantiated using a Process Templates, it automatically inherits the aspects of the Process Template, making all of the organizational learning available to the project team.

It not only assists an organization, but ensures that projects follow specific processes and acts as a guidance to the PM. Tailoring is also possible by the PM for the aspects that can vary from project to project of same time.

SwiftEnterprise’s Process Governance module is the cornerstone of some of the most sophisticated and large implementations of SwiftEnterprise in global organizations around the world.


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