SwiftEnterprise integrates with many other third-party tools. Some of them are:

Eclipse Plug-in

SwiftEnterprise Eclipse plug-in provides one-stop access to information in SwiftEnterprise without leaving the Eclipse IDE. SwiftEnterprise Eclipse plug-in can be used by developers/team members who regularly use Eclipse IDE for application development. It provides an instant access to the SwiftEnterprise artifacts within the Eclipse interface assigned to user.

Microsoft Outlook 

You can now use the familiar Microsoft® Outlook (MS Outlook) interface to view SwiftEnterprise work-items and contacts. You can view the SwiftEnterprise items such as requirements, change requests, etc. and contact details that are added in SwiftEnterprise. SwiftEnterprise workitems are displayed in the Tasks pane and contacts in the Contacts pane in MS Outlook. From MS Outlook, you can also route and reject the work-items assigned to you.

Microsoft Project Plug-in

SwiftEnterprise’s seamless integration with Microsoft® Project (MS Project) provides comprehensive scheduling capabilities that enable a project manager to create project schedules using both, SwiftEnterprise and MS Project. This allows you to harness the power of  scheduling capabilities of MS Project known to most of the project managers, and the robust integrated project management capabilities including the project management task list of SwiftEnterprise.

GitLab Integration

Using the integration of SwiftEnterprise with GitLab, you can access the GitLab site within the application itself. Moreover, there is a dedicated segment on the workitem that shows the Git logs related to it, so that you have an understanding of what all have been committed and pushed to Git for that workitem without navigating Git web console.

Visual Studio Plug-in

SwiftEnterprise Plug-in for Visual Studio provides one-stop access to information to SwiftEnterprise items without leaving the Visual Studio IDE. SwiftEnterprise Connector for Visual Studio provides SwiftEnterprise artifacts within the Visual Studio interface to view and update SwiftEnterprise Inbox items and enter effort for the tasks. This reduces task-switching and improves team productivity.

REST APIs for Integration

Integrating with SwiftEnterprise is smooth and easy. Along with SOAP web services, we offer you a range of REST APIs which you can use to integrate SwiftEnterprise an enterprise project management software with any other application. To know more about it, visit this page


SwiftSync is the most enterprise-ready integration technology available today! We support over 50 enterprise project management system integrations with popular tools such as TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others. Use SwiftSync to visualize work across the organization! For more details, follow this link – SwiftSync Integration.

We support over 50 enterprise project management system integrations such as- TFS, JIRA, CA Agile Central and many others

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