Backlog Management

SwiftEnterprise Backlog Refinement

SwiftEnterprise’s Backlog Refinement feature enables you to view, plan, triage, and assign workitems to sprints in a step-by-step manner. Moreover, at every stage, you can validate your action by the dynamic charts that guide how well you are capacitated.

There are three sections – Backlog, Sprint Planning, Groomed Backlog and with their own set of visual dynamic charts that help you plan your sprints.

1. Backlog:

The backlog view allows users to group all agile workitems into two levels. The workitems can be filtered based on the attributes of these groups. It also shows a horizontal bar of the total workitems divided across its status as Completed, Pending and In-progress based on counts and points. On selecting the workitem that needs to be moved to Groomed Backlog, user can see the summarization of points and counts as well.

Swiftenterprise’s Backlog Management Enables You To View, Plan, And Assign Workitems To Sprints In A Step-By-Step Manner.

2. Agile Sprint Planning:

This section is split in two – Ready for Sprint Allocation and Planning for Sprint. As you drag-n-drop workitems to the Sprint panel, it updates the capacity pyramid and the workitem distribution pie chart. The average velocity statistics are also available for reference so that you can load the sprint accordingly. Once you have planned workitems for the Sprint, you can launch the Execution Board so that card owners choose their cards, plan necessary ToDos and move cards as they work on it. Agile Sprint Planning Updates The Capacity Pyramid And The Workitem Distribution Pie Chart.

3. Groomed Backlog:

It shows the workitems that have been groomed and ready to be moved for sprint allocation.

Groomed Backlog Management Shows The Workitems That Have Been Groomed And Ready To Be Moved For Sprint Allocation


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