AI-powered Capabilities

Auto-population of Workitems

Creating a workitem becomes cumbersome and time-consuming when there are several fields. SwiftEnteprise one of the best project management tools has the ability to auto-populate fields on creation, based on recommendations by the AI engine. You also have the choice to enable it only for specific fields ensuring that those that get updated over the lifecycle of the workitem can be skipped from auto-population during workitem creation.

Further, SwiftEnterprise also lets you select a recommendation behavior that you feel is most suitable to the field that you would like to auto-populate.

Similarity and Workitem Recommendation

Having details of similar workitems handy for reference helps you get a better understanding of the work at hand and how work of that nature has been dealt with earlier. SwiftEnterprise’s AI engine will recommend similar workitems (that are context specific) for the current workitem and you can refer to them to get work done in a better manner. All you need to do is hit the bulb icon next to the workitem you need recommendations on.

You can also configure which fields, based on their data, will drive the recommendations for similar workitems at the project level. You can even set it up in a manner so that workitems in other projects and of other workitem types are searched for similarity.

The SwiftEnterprise Bot

SwiftEnterprise features a bot that, like Autocomplete and the Similar Workitem Finder, helps make your life a lot easier and lets you focus on your task at hand. The Swiftbot can help you perform various tedious actions like logging time (simply type “Log 4 Hrs.” and Swiftbot will show you a list of valid workitems for which you can save those hours), searching for workitems, searching for similar workitems (try asking Swiftbot “Any items similar to this one?” or variations of that!) and a lot more.

Powerful Bot Trainer

SwiftEnterprise not only comes with a bot but also an enhanced Bot Trainer that lets you train your bot specific to your domain. Training the Swift Bot is simple and very quick. You also get detailed tracking of your Bot’s performance. The trainer also gives you the ability to fine-tune responses based on chat history and allows you to map user utterances to intents directly. The system also has the ability to generate training examples on its own as well!

Feedback to AI-Powered Recommendations

We understand your projects and processes are unique. Which is why SwiftEnterprise one of the best enterprise project management software has an additional layer of options to help you fine-tune recommendations made by the AI engine. SwiftEnteprise has a feedback mechanism incorporated which you can use to correct the AI when you are not satisfied with the recommendations.


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