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Agile Program Management

SwiftEnterprise’s Agile Program Management gives your Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly & effectively. Traditionally, Program Management has been about managing the scope, schedule, cost & quality of the projects that are working towards a common goal.

While these continue to be the core dimensions to keep track of even for the new-age/ Agile Software Development, there is a significant shift in the way work gets done. Work is distributed across teams (not necessarily in different projects as that may create silios) to encourage greater transparency, and collaboration as they work towards the same objective. With different teams, different working styles & work types come into play.

Swiftenterprise’s Agile Program Management, Delivers Your Organization’s Biggest Initiatives Quickly &Amp; Effectively

Timeline Progress

Whether you are assessing a Theme or a Release, each workitem is distinctly represented by Planned Duration and Actual Progress bars on the timeline visualization. The red bars will quickly help you assess if there is any slippage happening based on the progress being made so far.

You can also expand the Theme or Release for an in-depth understanding of the progress being made at each level. The mini view of the Timeline Progress widget helps you get a quick snapshot of the progress for the selected parent workitem or the delivery cadence.

Predicted Date of Completion

Once you have determined the workitems that are at risk of slipping the committed timeline, this widget helps you understand further how the scope addition and scope completion are contributing to slippage. While the graph clearly indicates the scope slippage and the timeline slippage for easy interpretation, the key metrics are visible on top always. The Current Velocity, Required Velocity, Slippage and Predicted End Date are shown alongwith the change since the past day.

Powerful Visual Program Management

Agile Program Management enables powerful visual Program Management based on a configurable multi-board hierarchy of programs and projects. Agile Program Management enables you to define and build your own custom hierarchy, visualize it elegantly, and then automatically computes % progress information at the Program level based on the logic you choose. You can model your strategic initiatives and business-critical programs using a hierarchy of cards that reflect the way you define and manage them in your organization. 

Build Your Desired Work Hierarchy

We understand Themes to Epics, Epics to User/Technical Stories hierarchy within a project can be limiting, especially when you are working on large requirements and have teams working on them across projects.

To address this need, we have a visual hierarchy view that allows you to build your own workitem hierarchy across projects seamlessly. You can add new or existing workitems as parent or child workitems to visualize the work hierarchy as per your business need. 

Dependency Links between Agile Workitems

While the comprehensive Agile Program Management dashboard helps you understand the current status of your program, it also helps explore ways in which you can mitigate possible risks. So, it’s imperative the work dependencies are seen so that the impact of any delays can be easily understood at a glance.

While working on large projects with multiple teams, some workitems may depend on your workitems. These workitems may not be in your regular line-of-sight as they are being worked upon by other teams or part of other projects. In such scenarios, it becomes all the more important to track dependencies. We have the Dependency view on the workitem’s Linked Cards segment. It will help you know the dependency of your workitem on other workitems as well as the dependency of other workitems on your workitem.

Track Any Agile Card on the Execution Board

Track Any Agile Card On The Execution Board With Agile Execution Board

With Agile Execution Board, track any existing or new workitem onto the board with the enhanced “Add Card” capability. You can Visualize progress of workitems like Themes, Epics on the value stream. Also, you can set a default Lane for each card type so that you don’t have to move the new workitems to the relevant lane.

Plan, Work & Monitor Progress by Teams

A small, cross-functional, and self-driven team plays a crucial role in delivering value in a Lean-Agile manner. So, building a team and observing their current work progress and velocity trend becomes business-critical so that customers continue to get optimal value at regular intervals. This is facilitated by using SwiftEnterprise, one of the best team management tools.

A Small, Cross-Functional, And Self-Driven Team Plays A Crucial Role In Delivering Value In A Lean-Agile Manner.

Work Type and Size Distribution

After gaining an understanding of the slippage and required velocity at which work needs to be completed, the next step is to assess the work at hand. The Work Type Distribution widget gives you high level visualization on what kind of work needs to be completed for the chosen Theme or Release through a donut chart.

While the Workitem Size Distribution widget helps you understand the work distribution based on its estimated Points in a nested treemap visualization. With the help of these widgets one can decide to de-prioritize or re-plan work to avoid spillover.

Enhanced Visualization for Agile Cards

With capabilities to build your own work hierarchy and track their progress at each level, we have ensured this information is easily available via the cards on the Execution Board.

The enhanced card layout gives complete freedom to design the card for each card type so that progress indicator, any attribute, actions or flags of your choice are seen upfront on the card.

Visualize Progress on Execution Board

Visualizing your value stream is one of the key tenets of Lean execution so that you can easily assess the progress of your workitems at a glance. Now, we have extended this capability to assess progress made by the parent cards as well. Simply designate a column as the Percent Progress column in the value stream to see the parent cards move ahead as they make progress.

Team Distribution

The globe and map visualization quickly help you understand how your team is distributed across various locations. You can then decide if more team members need to be working together in the same time zone for better synergy and streamlined delivery of work. We have this visualization as standalone widgets at project and organization level dashboard as well.

The Globe And Map Visualization Quickly Help You Understand How Your Team Is Distributed Across Various Locations


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