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SwiftEnterprise - Digital Transformation Powered by Enterprise Agility and AI!

SwiftEnterprise is the next generation AI-driven Enterprise Agility platform focused on helping you plan, manage and deliver your Digital Transformation initiatives. SwiftEnterprise comes with a unique combination of features to manage traditional and Agile projects for a wide variety of industries. It combines Hybrid Agile Program/ Project Management, AI-driven Prescriptive Analytics, Process Governance, and Software Lifecycle Management as well as a comprehensive set of Integrations to deliver this capability.


Projects in general, and software projects in particular, have long suffered due to poor estimation and forecasting techniques. With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we now have the potential to look at a wide array of factors and make more informed predictions of what projects are likely to be successful while which projects have a serious risk. SwiftEnterprise comes with a rich capability to gather project health data and make predictions about project outcomes, while also suggesting what alternative courses of action would be available to the project manager to steer the project in the right direction!

Using SwiftEnterprise, your teams can execute large and complex Agile Projects. SwiftEnterprise has all the sophisticated capabilities of supporting multiple organization structures, roles, hierarchies, custom processes and rules - all that should be expected in an Enterprise class Agile tool. SwiftEnterprise delivers a full-function Agile module that includes Planning and Execution Boards among other features. Agile teams will be able to leverage a wide range of Agile capabilities to manage Agile projects much more easily and intuitively.

At the same time, SwiftEnterprise enables you to manage legacy applications or execute large projects using traditional methods. Organizations with projects of different types – from Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) to Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) can use SwiftEnterprise as the one single platform to help them manage projects and applications using traditional and Agile methods or a combination thereof.

SwiftEnterprise delivers some of the best solutions for the modern Hi-Tech IT and SI/ IT Services organizations including Agile project delivery, Managed Services Delivery management, Large Program/ Project Management and Quality Management. Our customers who have implemented such solutions have seen significant RoI in terms of Employee Productivity and Efficiency, Organizational Learning and reduced Time to Market.

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Why SwiftEnterprise?

Comprehensive, AI-driven Enterprise Agility Platform for successful Digital Transformation Initiatives

Easy to plan, setup and track processes, programs, projects, resources and work items.

Integrated Process Governance that supports Lean/ Agile and traditional processes.

Highly configurable and flexible Application Architecture scale to support 10s of thousands of users.

Adopted by Global Leaders such as Wipro, Cognizant, Dell, Infosys, Sungard, FIS Global and many more!

Collaboration, Mobile, Search and Analytics technologies boost Productivity, Quality and Delivery performance.

SwiftEnterprise on the go, anytime, anywhere!

SwiftEnterprise Mobile App

Now the new way to use our SwiftEnterprise product is through the mobile app. The SwiftEnterprise mobile application for iOS and Android lets you authenticate against the SwiftEnterprise web application. So, you will now get the Home Page experience on your mobile application.

Now you can track the work-items that are assigned to you in the same way you use to track through web application. You can also view icons for the action buttons under inline operation.

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