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PI Planning

Program Increment or PI is a time-boxed iteration where an ART delivers incremental builds and value in the form of working software and systems. Typically, PIs are eight to twelve weeks long, and the most common pattern for a PI is four development iterations, followed by one Innovation and Planning (IP) iteration.

In SwiftEASe, the Program Increment is planned and designed at the top level board using the PI feature. Using the PI feature, you can plan PIs perfectly in an easy-to-use drag-drop interface. You can define the PI capacity in points, enter the start and date time, drag and drop the work cards from the backlog to the Ready column, and track the PI progress with the built-in visual indicators like Burndown chart.

Moreover, you can also share the PI with other boards and let them view the PI planning and tag cards to that PI.

Program Board and Dynamic Dependency Tracking

Use the powerful Dependency Boards to allow teams to track dependencies across any number of teams and highlights potential conflicts. Visualize your dependencies for one or more cards at a time. For complex dependencies, use the alternate DAG view to gain a full understanding of the dependencies.


In SwiftEASe, it is easy and quick to break down a PI into several sprints with the intuitive drag-n-drop interface. You should have a PI backlog defined so that cards from the PI scope can be associated to different sprints you create. The sprint capacity and progress can be visually tracked as it progresses and also rolled up to the PI progress, where again the visual indicators are based on these sprints.print Planning.

Velocity/ Throughput charts

SwiftEASe provides a Throughput chart in terms of the amount of work completed in a given time period or other cadences such as Releases/ Sprints. The work completed is plotted by number of cards or Card estimates in hours or story points (Velocity). It also enables further analysis by the Type of work, Class of Service, Card Priority or Card Size.

Burn Down/ Burn Up Charts

SwiftEASe provides Burn-Down and Burn-Up charts to enable Scrum teams to track the release progress exactly way they are used to. Team members can track the hours remaining to complete their work in a sprint and the actual hours already spent.

Card Hierarchy

SwiftEASe flexible Card Hierarchy feature helps define the typical scope breakdown that Agile managers use such as Theme – Epic – User Story breakdown. The feature allows complete flexibility in defining the hierarchy, the card-types and the levels of hierarchy needed to match your business terminology.

Defining the card relationships is available through a visual interface that enables the creation of child stories as well as linking existing stories to parent user stories. You can simply select a card and link it to a parent or multiple child cards.

PI Status Chart

The PI Status chart helps you monitor the status of Feature and Enabler Features during PI execution. It indicates which Feature cards are on track or behind the schedule at any point in time so that you get an early visibility of the bottlenecks and translate that insight into the preventive actions.

Cycle Time Forecast

SwiftEase now gives teams the capability to see the most likely date of completion of any given work item (card). This is computed from the time that the card is pulled from the first “non-Ready” lane. SwiftEase tracks Cycle Time (CT) for similar cards in the past and uses that to compute when you are likely going to complete a new card that has just started its execution on the Value Stream.

However, because CT is a probability distribution (and not one absolute number), it lets you decide the percentage level of confidence that you want to associate with for predicting future cards. For example, for a Critical Customer Defect, you might want to see a % CT forecast that is based on 95% level of confidence. In contrast, for a User Story with Intangible Class of Service (CoS), you are adequate with a CT that has a 50% level of confidence.

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