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with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Scaling Agile with SwiftEASe and SAFe®

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) defined by the Scaled Agile, Inc., provides a system for achieving agility at multiple levels of an enterprise. SwiftEASe supports implementing SAFe® at these various levels and enables organizations to implement and track their SAFe® inspired enterprise agility initiatives.

Levels in SAFe®

There are 4 levels in SAFe®. SwiftEASe supports modeling of all 4 levels. You can create Work Boards at each level and model the work via configurable cards suitable for each level. A card may represent a program, project, a PI or an epic or user story, as relevant at each level of the board.

At the Team Level:

Scrum/ Kanban teams can create work boards and track their work on it. The work is represented in the form of User Story or Technical Story cards. Teams can either share work boards or have individual boards.

The ART (or train) is the primary vehicle for value delivery at the program level. It delivers a value stream for the organization. SwiftEASe allows you to define your teams and assign them to an ART.

At the Program Level:

On the Program Level, multiple ARTs can collaborate and track their work on a Program Board. The Program Board shows the Features that are in Backlog or in various stages of the SAFe® workflow.

SwiftEASe enables the assignment of program level roles to team members. The various Program level roles are:

  • System Team
  • Product Manager
  • System Architect
  • Release Train Engineer (RTE)
  • Release Management Team

SwiftEASe allows the user to define an artefact hierarchy of epics/ capability/ features/ user stories. SwiftEASe allows the ART to groom program backlog into a prioritized list of features. Features can originate at the program level, or they can derive from epics defined at the portfolio level. Features decompose to user stories which flow to team-level backlogs.

At the Solution level:

SwiftEASe allows you to track the Capabilities through various stages of the SAFe® workflow.

At the Portfolio Level:

Portfolio management requires strategy, investment funding, program management and governance. Investment themes drive budget allocations. Themes are done as part of the budgeting process with a lifespan of 6-12 months.

In SwiftEASe you can define your organization’s large development initiatives as Business or Architectural Epics. These Epics are derived from the Strategic Investment Themes that the organization has committed to invest into, to derive the envisaged benefits.

SwiftEASe allows you to link your organization’s Strategic Themes to the Business and Architectural Epics. SwiftEASe allows you to track the delivery of not only your high-level Epics but also Team Level tasks.

In SwiftEASe, your organization’s Investment Themes, Business, and architectural epics can be managed in parallel Kanban systems.

In addition, SwiftEASe allows you to track the geographical locations of the project team members and their global spread.

SwiftEASe dashboards and metrics help you track the Feature completion status during a PI. You can track the percent completion of the EPICs that are in the implementation stage. SwiftEASe provides SAFe® metrics to support IT governance and continuous improvement. SwiftEASe provides dashboards to track ART level performance over the course of multiple PI. Also, you can drill down and gauge the performance and activities of individual teams during the course of PI timeline.

SwiftEASe allows business owners and company leaders to track their high-level goals and objectives alongside their ground-level implementation.

SwiftEASe provides for an easy way to conduct the PI planning activity. The participant teams can track their allocated objectives and anticipated business value that the work would deliver. The business owners can rate the realized business value for each of the objectives at the end of the PI.

One of the key outputs of a PI Planning meeting is the list of risks identified. SwiftEASe enables you to track the PI risks and how they have been addressed through ROAM (Resolved, Owned, Accepted, Mitigated) mechanism.

SAFe® and Scaled Agile Framework are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.

Scaling Agile with SwiftEASe

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SAFe® and Scaled Agile Framework are registered trademarks of Scaled Agile, Inc.