What is SwiftEASe?

SwiftEASe is a highly configurable Visual Planning, Execution, and Collaboration tool for teams that are doing Lean/ Agile software development using the Scaled Agile (SAFe®) body of knowledge. SwiftEASe supports all 4 levels of SAFe®.

SwiftEASe focuses on 3 key areas namely, Visual Management, Lean Execution and Ease of use. SwiftEASe is built to easily model your SAFe® implementation, whether it is Essential SAFe®, Portfolio, Large Solution or Full SAFe®.

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Why SwiftEASe?

Lean & Agile Execution

SwiftEASe combines the best of Lean and Agile software development principles and methods to bring you a powerful Scaled Agile tool to help you successfully deliver large programs and projects using SAFe® framework.

End-to-end Integration
SwiftEASe integrates seamlessly with your existing Agile tooling and gives you the right level of visibility and detail for program, portfolio and team levels and yet is lightweight enough that it does not become a burden on the team.

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Full Support for SAFe® version 4.5/ 4.6 and 5.0

  • Multiple Work Boards

    Are you an organization with one large program or multiple medium-sized initiatives that need to be tracked? You can identify and map the appropriate SAFe® configuration in SwiftEASe with multiple Work Boards.

  • Improve System Flow

    Define your Value Stream on each of these boards. This is where you truly utilize the power of SwiftEASe. Start with your existing process on the boards. Over time, make gradual changes to your process and improve your system flow and throughput.

  • Easy Tracking

    Define your Agile Teams and ARTs. Set up your Sprints and PI timelines. Conduct your PI planning meetings and track PI objectives, Risks, and Feature completion status on SwiftEASe.

  • Metrics & Analytics

    Ensure that you monitor your SAFe® process by tracking performance metrics to show quantifiable improvements. Make select team members responsible for monitoring and reviewing them regularly and, more importantly, take ownership for them.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Strive for continuous improvement. Celebrate team successes, no matter how small they might seem!

  • Distributed Teams

    SwiftEASe helps teams implement Lean/ Agile principles in their software development work and hugely simplifies the task of running SAFe® initiatives, especially with distributed teams.

Stay in touch on the go! Download SwiftEASe Mobile App

Download and use the SwiftEASe App on Android or iOS! See your work boards and cards on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Key Features: Perform all standard operations like add, edit details, add comments, move, archive etc… Stay on top of your work items via the Inbox. Get instant notifications for any update on work items.

Experience the Lean/Agile way of managing your SAFe® instances on the go with SwiftEASe app.

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SwiftEASe Mobile APP

Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

Using Artificial Intelligence and advanced NLP techniques including Sentiment Analysis, we can help you understand how your teams perform and react across projects, in real-time.

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