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Building quality products and applications – be they software, embedded systems, hardware; or even others that are not regarded high-tech – requires that you manage quality. “Managing” Quality could be creating a culture that encourages quality, hiring the best people or setting up processes and systems (from basic to sophisticated!) that nurture quality. As a person responsible for product quality, you need to actively manage the process of achieving sustained quality levels in your organization.

Digité provides a powerful set of capabilities for applications and product development and testing, IT and related organizations for achieving high levels of quality on a sustained basis.

Whether you are looking for a simple solution for your Test and Defects Management or a full-lifecycle solution that covers Requirements Management and Traceability, we have a full suite of products for you to configure the right solution for your team or organization!

Quality Management Quality Management

Basic Quality Management

Many organizations currently depend on manual testing processes and spreadsheets to manage their test cases and defects found during testing. If you are starting from here, a simple Quality Management solution may be a great place to start to centralize your test-case/ test-script repository and enable all your teams to re-use them for each build, release or project they do.

You can start easily by simply importing all your existing test-cases into the solution – and configure product-specific or project-specific test-case repositories in SwiftEnterprise. You can then use them to easily setup Test Scripts and plan Test Events such as a release-specific System Test or Integration Test or even a Beta Test and a UAT. Use the out-of-the-box metrics and dashboards to easily set up your Quality Dashboard!

If you believe this solution may be for you, please take a look at our Test Management and Defect Management products to see more details, or contact us at [email protected] to set up a custom demo or a risk-free trial for you.

Advanced Quality Management

Quality is conformance to requirements, to paraphrase Phil Crosby*! If you are ready to take the plunge and move your Requirements from a variety of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and other disjoint/ offline documents, you can use SwiftEnterprise’s Requirements Management! We provide out-of-the-box coverage for User Requirements, Software Requirements, Program Specs and Test Requirements. You can even configure these to the exact way you manage your Requirements decomposition process!

SwiftEnterprise’s products are fully integrated – so you get the benefit of full Traceability from Requirements to Test Cases to Defects – so you can easily determine which Requirements are not yet fully done, and which are. Please take a look at our Requirements Management product for more details.

If you have already invested in or are evaluating Test Automation and Build Automation tools, you can easily integrate them into a single environment using SwiftSync integration product from Digité along with SwiftEnterprise. Please see SwiftSync for more details as well as a full list of all the tools we currently support to give you a rich integrated ecosystem.

If this sounds like the solution of choice for you, please contact us at [email protected] for a custom demo or a risk-free trial!

Advanced Quality Management Advanced Quality Management
6 Sigma Business Process

Enterprise Quality Management Solution – CMMi, 6-Sigma and More!

A lot of our customers are mature organizations who use established quality frameworks such as CMMi, 6-Sigma and others and have established a mature Quality Management System based on in-house applications and/ or spreadsheets, custom reports and charts. Such systems depend on some level of a common process definition across the organization that establishes a common standard for the various entities and attributes that capture quality data at various stages of the development/ implementation lifecycle.

Using this common process definition, they are then able to implement a full Quality Management System including Requirements Management, Test and Defect Management and other aspects of task and workflow to track activities such as Reviews and Audits.

SwiftEnterprise’s Process Governance provides the most sophisticated Process definition and management capabilities that allow you to build as lightweight or as sophisticated Process Templates that capture not only all the details of the software or product lifecycle, but also allows you to define detailed checklists, workflows, entry/ exit criteria, phase gates and metrics for each type of Process that you want to establish in your organization.

Combining Process Governance with all the other products, you get an enterprise-class Quality Management System that ensures the following benefits –

  • Automated collection of data
  • Rollup and consolidation of a rich set of product/ software quality metrics
  • Ability to proactively manage quality trends in your organization
  • Develop and deliver quality products and application in a sustained manner
  • Build a highly productive organization

Please see Process Governance for more details, and contact [email protected] for a full demo and a risk-free trial!


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