Managed Services

Large Program Management for Multi-line Business Engagements

If you are a large organization, managing large outsourcing deals for multiple customers, this solution is for you. Administering Managed Services for each of your customers and ensuring that you are delivering these services effectively and efficiently is crucial to the overall profitability and Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) goals for your business.

Managed Services

The Business Challenge

Managed Services require managing multiple lines of business services in accordance with the business requirements and performance metrics of the corresponding business. But, while meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is crucial, not everything about a successful business relationship can be encapsulated in an SLA definition.

To manage a successful, long term relationship, you have to look beyond the numbers and reports. You have to have a finger on the pulse of the relationship – through daily collaboration, interaction, coordination and being in sync on the actual health of the relationship. At an overall level however, you want to ensure that all services are managed successfully in terms of your financial goals such as revenues, profitability, resource utilization, growth and customer satisfaction.

Managed Services – Satisfied Customers!

Digité’s Managed Services solution is exactly the weapon you need to navigate the complex scenarios developing almost continuously.

SwiftEnterprise provides multiple ways to setup a “program” that enables consolidated tracking of all services and projects in unified manner. You can either setup a formal ‘program – sub-project hierarchy in a ‘traditional’ program structure or you can define an ‘organization hierarchy’ and associate multiple projects (services) with your customer’s organization.

Using these Templates, each new service can be setup as a new (project) ‘workspace’ and configured according to the needs of the specific service or business line.

Irrespective of how you set up the various elements of your Managed Services for a customer, you can easily combine them under a unified Dashboard that helps you easily track the overall health of your customer account. Starting from a top-level dashboard, you can easily drill down to any level of detail, right down to specific transactions (open support tickets, issues or defects, infrastructure work items) and determine why something might be held up.

Each project can have its own dashboard that is seen only by the people directly associated with that project and have the authorization to see the dashboard.

You can define process templates for each type of service you provide to a customer – and reuse them each time you start a new service for that customer. Templates can include all standard items you may need such as specific work-items, document types, workflow steps, and even custom attributes and metrics/ dashboards.

Using these Templates, each new service can be setup as a new (project) ‘workspace’ and configured according to the needs of the specific service or business line.

Each workspace (service) that you setup can have their own unique processes depending on the specific needs of that customer or the specific business being managed. Each process can have multiple SLAs that govern the delivery and management of that process. You can set up SLAs for each type of work – such as tickets, issues, defects, CRs, etc. – based on their attributes and the various stages of resolution defined in their workflow.

Visual/ Agile Delivery

SwiftEnterprise delivers a full-function Agile module that comes with full-function Planning and Execution Board features. Agile teams will be able to leverage a wide range of Agile capabilities to manage Agile projects much more easily and intuitively. It combines Agile development management using Scrum/ Kanban methods, a Visual Board and all the associated capability from Requirements Management thru Configuration Management and IDE integration.

Given that Managed Services are typically run for multiple departments/ business units of an enterprise, you can model the customer organization hierarchy in SwiftEnterprise and then map each project/ services to one or more of these organizations.

SwiftReports: This powerful custom reporting framework allows you to define highly configured reports to meet the very specific needs of your customers/ services.


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