Professional Services

Digité provides a complete set of Professional Services to help our customers successfully implement our products and solutions. We are focused on ensuring that customers realize the benefits they seek from their ALM implementations and maximize the Return on Investment in their ALM technologies.

Product Training for Admins, Practitioners and Leadership

Digite provides extensive training – both online and in-person – for all its products. These training programs can be delivered in a variety of packages of content, duration and number of sessions to suit the specific needs of each customer.

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Product Training
Application Configuration Services

Application Configuration Services

Our implementation team will help you by understanding your requirements and helping your Core Team configure them in a very hands-on approach. We are glad to stay as long as needed to help you get started; however we don’t want you to feel dependent on us to run your ALM solution! Our team also helps your team with the usage of advanced modules like the SwiftReports, SwiftRules, SwiftForms and Swiftmetrics.

Custom Development Services

If needed, the Professional Services team also provides custom development services. Our consulting team will work with you to understand your reporting/ dashboard or other custom feature requirements and provide a customized solution that will ease the adoption of our solutions in your enterprise.

Application Integration Services

These services include any integrations that you may require with your other 3rd party or homegrown tools in your organization. Our team will work with you to have a strategy for integration using either our native REST/ SOAP APIs or through our integration platform SwiftSync. Our products also integrate out of the box with Slack, MS Teams and Zapier – which you can leverage further for your organizational needs. Finally, all our tools also support SSO/ ADS based authentication and user management. Our team will help you integrate with your SSO/ ADS environment.

Application Migration Services

If you are moving from an existing tool to one of ours, our Professional Services team can also help you migrate data from those tools to ours. Data migration projects are almost always tricky and challenging! Depending on the size and the complexity of the data migration, they may create migration scripts for transferring the data successfully. They will work with you to determine the scope and extent of this data to be migrated, and the best data migration strategy.

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