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Scrum ou Kanban para Equipes de Suporte de Aplicação?

Recently, there was an interesting problem posed on a project management discussion board. The questioner asked –
“I have recently joined a company and to one of the projects that I’m engaged we have this Scrum team that has a mixed backlog (USs and Bugs).

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Kanban = Continuous Delivery? Not Necessarily

“My team is using Kanban board but they seem to prefer to collate a couple of tickets then ‘do a release’ as appose to releasing each ticket. i.e. they move tickets through the workflow and then put them in a waiting column for days on end and then they do sporadic releases.

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Energetic. Responsive. Trying Harder. 2014, Here We Come!

happy-new-year-2014-8-300x130_2Energetic, responsive, trying harder – those were some of the best compliments we received from our customers.  As one of them, who switched from a competing product to us, said, “It looks like you guys are always trying harder and better than the rest of them.” Absolutely! The past 12 months have been truly exciting.  2013 was the year in which organizations ranging from boutique consulting companies to global automotive giants, high-security government agencies to Fortune 500 global brands trusted us and our products with their technology.

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Scrum + Kanban

Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban or Kanban? Lessons at Lean Coffee

Tales of LeanAt Digité/ Swift-Kanban, we had a great visit to the LeanSSC (now Lean Systems Society) last week in Boston.  Having been in the market for just about a year, it is heartening to be recognized and even be told that we are considered one of the top 2-3 Kanban tools that are out there. An exciting part of the conference was our announcement of our support for Scrumban (or Scrum features) besides our support for both iOS and Android tablets.

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Kanban – Evolutionary or Revolutionary?!

KanbanOne of the key benefits that David Anderson, the renowned Kanban thought-leader and father of the Kanban Method for software development (as well as Advisor to Digité) highlights about Kanban is that it is evolutionary and not revolutionary.  That is to say, it does not introduce a humongous new set of processes in an organization and cause massive disruption like traditional methods have tended to do.

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Lean Software Development

Tales of LeanThe term Lean Software Development was first coined as the title for a conference organized by the ESPRIT initiative of the European Union, in Stuttgart Germany, October 1992. Independently, the following year, Robert “Bob” Charette in 1993 suggested the concept of “Lean Software Development” as part of his work exploring better ways of managing risk in software projects. The term “Lean” dates to 1991, suggested by James Womack, Daniel Jones, and Daniel Roos, in their book The Machine That Changed the World.

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Effort Tracking with Kanban

Software development using Kanban principles has not focused on Effort Tracking (though there hasn’t been a strong position against the same). At Digité, we were practitioners of Iterative Software Development. As part of this process, we emphasized on Daily Effort Tracking (time filing) for several reasons: A) Since we have geographically distributed teams, it helped us get a sense of what happened without chasing individual team members or asking people to send an email with their update. B) A lot of effort based metrics could be accurately computed and relied upon (especially if you have come from the ISO/CMMI world!).

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Participating in LSSC11: Lean on the Rise

LSSC11It was a great experience for me. The conference had a varied set of topics from Lead development, Kanban, CMMi (1 day), Risk Management, Systems Design, Kanban games etc. It was amazing to see this level of change, innovation and creativity in the Lean community and adoption in the industry. Companies and individuals are continually making effort to apply new and improved techniques and tools to the way they have been working and bring about greater productivity, quality and efficiency.

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Agility Redefined

kanban agileThere is an enormous amount of discussion and literature (in the Software/ Application Development circles?) about different processes (or methodologies), their pros and cons, their challenges, etc. While these articles are right in their own way, in most cases, they preach adoption and acceptance of one process. However, the fact is that rarely does a “one size fits all” approach work for anything – why would software be any different?

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