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Kanban’s Passage to India – with David Anderson!

David Anderson KanbanBetween Dec 16th and 21st, we had the pleasure of hosting David in India to meet a few key customers, Digité/ SwiftKanban employees, as well as host a local meetup in Bangalore (or Bengaluru!). We also took the opportunity to do several things – formally launch SwiftKanban for the India market, start the Limited WIP Society – India chapter and host a dinner with some key industry leaders that allowed them to have a closer interaction with David. It was a great experience for both us and David!

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Kanban – Evolutionary or Revolutionary?!

KanbanOne of the key benefits that David Anderson, the renowned Kanban thought-leader and father of the Kanban Method for software development (as well as Advisor to Digité) highlights about Kanban is that it is evolutionary and not revolutionary.  That is to say, it does not introduce a humongous new set of processes in an organization and cause massive disruption like traditional methods have tended to do.

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Who Owns Kanban?

Lean Kanban University logoLean Kanban University accredited Kanban training program there has been some commentary questioning whether I and LKU have the right to assert ourselves with such authority. These issues are worth addressing. The questioners suggest whether I invented Kanban or own it and if not then what gives LKU legitimacy to trade as we intend to do, offering standardized accredited training delivered by accredited trainers? While these questions are coming from outside the community and it would be easy to dismiss them as coming from disgruntled people with an axe to grind or sour grapes to squash, I believe the questions are worth addressing.

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Participating in LSSC11: Lean on the Rise

LSSC11It was a great experience for me. The conference had a varied set of topics from Lead development, Kanban, CMMi (1 day), Risk Management, Systems Design, Kanban games etc. It was amazing to see this level of change, innovation and creativity in the Lean community and adoption in the industry. Companies and individuals are continually making effort to apply new and improved techniques and tools to the way they have been working and bring about greater productivity, quality and efficiency.

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Join the Kanban Conversations!

KanbanIt has been an exciting 3 weeks since we launched the GA release of SwiftKanban.  Clearly, Kanban for software development and IT teams is being seen as the elusive weapon that promises to take Agile to the enterprise.  From the volume of queries and the common themes of the inquiries, it is clear Agile practitioners know what they are looking for and will be demanding the right solution to help them make the transition to being an Agile enterprise.

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What is the Vision – Agile or Agility?

Tales of LeanMy introduction to the Agile world goes back about 3 years. Charged with the new buzz of Agile, a team at Digité attended an Agile workshop conducted by a local Agile/ Scrum trainer. The first part of the workshop was really very exciting where the coach educated us on the Agile Manifesto. In the second half, we learned of various Scrum characteristics. At the end, the coach made a remark – ‘You will be an Agile Organization only if you follow ALL of the Scrum methods described in the workshop’.

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