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Participating in LSSC11: Lean on the Rise

LSSC11It was a great experience for me. The conference had a varied set of topics from Lead development, Kanban, CMMi (1 day), Risk Management, Systems Design, Kanban games etc. It was amazing to see this level of change, innovation and creativity in the Lean community and adoption in the industry. Companies and individuals are continually making effort to apply new and improved techniques and tools to the way they have been working and bring about greater productivity, quality and efficiency.

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Join the Kanban Conversations!

KanbanIt has been an exciting 3 weeks since we launched the GA release of SwiftKanban.  Clearly, Kanban for software development and IT teams is being seen as the elusive weapon that promises to take Agile to the enterprise.  From the volume of queries and the common themes of the inquiries, it is clear Agile practitioners know what they are looking for and will be demanding the right solution to help them make the transition to being an Agile enterprise.

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Kanban and Offshore Development

Kanban LeanI am often asked by conference attendees whether Kanban can be used with distributed and offshore teams. It seems that those newer to Kanban concepts are fascinated with pictures of white boards covered in sticky notes, or walls with index cards pinned to them representing work-in-progress (WIP). There seems to be a common assumption that Kanban started with collocated teams doing Agile software development. While some people can see the benefits of limiting WIP even for offshore or distributed teams, it isn’t obvious how it is achieved.

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