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Does your Kanban Board Reflect the Process you Actually Have?

I’m sure most of us have seen the famous cartoon strip about requirements management – which highlights what the customer asked for vs. what they really wanted! The same applies to software or product development processes.  Most teams have a general idea of what their development process is or looks like.  In fact a lot of them have the processes well-documented as well (altho’ not many people might be able to find that documentation! But that is a different post.)

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Scale Agile Across Project Teams

Has Kanban truly arrived for Project Management?

In the last few weeks, I read 4 very interesting articles that underscore the value of using Kanban for Project Management, and yet represent two extreme ends of how Kanban is gaining recognition in this field. First, there was a series of 3 great blog posts by none other than our friend, philosopher and guide, and Kanban pioneer, David Anderson. Starting with the first one – “Project  Management with Kanban”, David has outlined very nicely how Project Management can truly benefit by using the various techniques, models and measurements that make effective use of historical data…

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Kanban Board

Capacity Planning for Dynamic Teams

Capacity PlanningProjects are often executed by dynamic teams. They start with a small core team and as the project gains momentum, add resources over time. This is commonly seen in IT service organizations that do fixed price projects. Fixed price projects have a defined scope that needs to be delivered within a contracted budget and within a negotiated timeline. For the purpose of this experience report, “Dynamic teams” or “Fixed Price projects” will be used interchangeably. Unfortunately, as Ron Jeffries put it, “Agile is founded on management of scope, not predicting when you’ll be done, even if you had fixed team size and “fixed” scope.”

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SwiftKanban - Archive, Move multiple cards

Ushering in the New Year with SwiftKanban 3.5.1

Archive/ Move Multiple Cards in one go!Hello Folks! We thought we’d begin the new year with a few features that will improve the experience for you in terms of usability. You can now move multiple cards with a single click. Just right-click on any lane header to archive or move all cards in that lane. CTRL + click will let you select a set of cards and right-click will let you move only these cards selectively. Continuing with our theme of adding more configurability in SwiftKanban, you can now customize the appearance and order of Card attributes as they appear on the board.

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Visual Requirements Management with Kanban

Visual Requirements ManagementThere is a lot of attention given to Lean/ Agile product development teams around the work done and the (Lean/ Agile) processes adopted in by the Dev team once a set of features (backlog items) have been identified for a set of sprints (scrums) and/ or Releases. However, how do those features get to the team, nicely bunched up in Releases and Sprints? There is a lot of upstream effort by Product Management that goes in ‘herding the cats’ – defining and maintaining the Product Roadmap with input from myriad and often conflicting sources abstracting features and requirements at the right level, getting stakeholders to agree on their priority…

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Daily Stand Up Meetings

All in a Day’s Work as a (Swift) Kanban Developer!

Swift Kanban DeveloperWithin the SwiftKanban development team, we have evolved our Engineering practices, combining principles of Test Automation, Continuous Integration and Kanban thinking. At the same time, as we look to hire people for such a development environment, we have found it difficult to get people who understand such an environment, even though we can hardly be called bleeding edge! Hopefully, this post helps in understanding in our Engineering environment. The day starts with a stand up meeting at around 9am. Since we are distributed team across three different locations (3 cities, 2 countries), many of our team members join the call remotely.

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Why SwiftKanban

Benefits of Kanban: 300% Cycle Time Reduction!

Benefits of KanbanOver the last more than 18 months of steady-state usage of Kanban in our product management and engineering teams, we have achieved a number of dramatic improvements. Even considering that for us, it was – and is – a case of eating our own dog-food, these improvements are nothing short of incredible for a small product company where every minute, every dollar, every feature that is value to a customer, counts! So, we thought we should share our experience and benefits with the software and IT community in the hope that some of these will help you benefit as much or more than what we have been able to do. This post is the first in this series.

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Kanban for Wedding

My Big Fat Indian-American Thanksgiving – Kanban to the Rescue!

Tales of LeanThanksgiving each year is a big occasion for our family and friends – to get together and eat, drink and be merry – and of course, be grateful for what we have! Yet, right before that, during the days leading up to it, there is a sense of angst that builds up as one question occupies the hosts’ – and the rest of the people cooking (we always do it Potluck) – mind – “What shall be the menu for the Big Day??!!” While the thought of getting together and eating, drinking and being merry is everyone’s top priority, it is the what we will be eating and drinking that becomes the biggest factor in whether we will be merry or not!

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Kanban Blog

Writing your Blog using Kanban – Part #1

Tales of LeanI’ve been asked on more than occasion how do I keep up with my blogging. So I’ll let you in on a little secret. I use Kanban. Now, you may find this hard to believe, but I find that Kanban can be used for almost anything. Kanban is a powerful tool, that helps you see what you need to get done, and how to control the load, both of which make sure that you get things done, and deliver value quickly. Well, when we don’t have a lot to do, and you’ve got stuff to blog about, there’s usually no problem. 

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So How do YOU do Agile in a Distributed environment?

Tales of Lean I was part of a very interesting discussion at a Silicon Valley high-tech giant a couple of weeks back that focused on doing Agile with distributed teams. We discussed several aspects of Scrum/ XP practices in distributed teams – and it turned out one of the main (some said “the only!”) challenges was the ability to run a Daily Standup meeting well! Having been part of conference calls, WebEx meetings and other virtual gatherings for the longest time, this surprised me somewhat. So, in the last week’s Kaizen Camp Seattle Un-conference, I decided to do a session on that exact same topic.

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