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We hope you are at home, healthy, and safe! With this release, we continue with our goal to provide a comprehensive Agile Program Management capability. As program is initiated and its underlying work is spread across multiple teams and projects, it becomes more important to keep the dependencies in sight. So, we have ensured that the color coded dependency links can be seen by the development team on their work board itself and also in the Timeline View dashboard so that their impact is apparent. We have also made it easier for you to build teams and track their work for the sprint. Along with this, we have brought in the power of card visualization to traditional task plans so that you can build a Task Board to manage work visually and more effectively.

Agile Program Management

Keep Dependencies in Your Radar

Creating independent stories is important to derive the benefits of the Lean-Agile way of working so that you get the flexibility in prioritization, speed up the value delivery, and capture feedback in a better manner. But there are times when your work is dependent on others. So, it becomes crucial for the team to visualize these dependencies on their work board itself so that they work accordingly.


Now, the dependency links on the cards can be seen on the Execution Board itself facilitating greater visibility and better understanding to the entire team. Not only that, but the color-coded dependencies also highlight the impact of the dependent cards so that you can focus only on those dependencies that need your attention.

Dependency Links

While the comprehensive Agile Program Management dashboard helps you understand the current status of your program, it also helps explore ways in which you can mitigate possible risks. So, it’s imperative the work dependencies are seen so that the impact of any delays can be easily understood at a glance.

Plan, Work & Monitor Progress by Teams

A small, cross-functional, and self-driven team plays a crucial role in delivering value in a Lean-Agile manner. So, building a team and observing their current work progress and velocity trend becomes business-critical so that customers continue to get optimal value at regular intervals.

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In this release, we have revamped our Resource Groups feature to Teams so that you can build a team, associate it to a Sprint it will be working on and also track the Sprint analytics by team. We also ensured that it is easy to choose Card Owners and ToDo Owners based on the team associated with the Sprint tagged to the card.

Powerful Visualizations

Card Visualization for Task Plans

Visualizing your work is one of the most effective ways to map the value stream and benefit from the Lean management way of working. While we understand traditional waterfall development methodologies have the standard list views for the task plans, we felt that light-weight task plans can still benefit from this concept. So, as part of this release, we have introduced a way where you can visualize tasks as cards on a board with the freedom to decide the attributes based on which the tasks should be laid out on the board. While this gives you the desired distribution of the tasks currently in-progress and in near future, it also helps you assess their progress at a glance with the progress indicator and key attributes on the card.

Card Visualization

Enhanced Visualization for Agile Cards

We have enhanced the layout of cards seen in the Execution Board for a better visual and usage experience. The enhanced dimension gives you greater visibility of the card’s title. Also, to reduce the overall visual clutter, only the active icons are visible on the card by default and the rest will be available for usage only on hover.

Visualization For Agile Cards


Previous Releases


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