SwiftEnterprise 7.3

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This release brings the much awaited stack upgrade from JBoss to Wildfly so that you get best in terms of security and compliance. On the Agile front, we have introduced a capability to manage dependency between workitems, visually. At a glance, you will know the dependent workitems and how their progress may affect progress of other cards through color-coded dependency links. Along with this, we have enhanced other areas of the application to help you get the best experience.

Stack Upgrade

Upgrade from JBoss to WildFly

This release has two major stack upgrades. We have upgraded from Java 1.6/1.7 to Java 1.8 and upgraded JBoss from JBoss 6.2 to Wildfly 18. Both of these have multiple security & compliance benefits. Domain mode of Wildfly18 will make deployment across multiple nodes in a cluster easier.

Link to view details of the Wildfly18 regarding Security & other areas:
Link to view details of the JDK 1.8 regarding security & other updates:


  • Release 7.3 onwards, SwiftEnterprise will be compatible with WildFly only and JBoss will no longer be supported.
  • As part of this upgrade, please validate the Authentication, Customizations, and Integrations, prior to the production deployment.
  • For all WildFly related installation and upgrade steps, please refer to the deployment documents along with the release notes.

Agile Program Management

Dependency Links between Agile Workitems

While working on large projects with multiple teams, some workitems may depend on your workitems. These workitems may not be in your regular line-of-sight as they are being worked upon by other teams or part of other projects. In such scenarios, it becomes all the more important to track dependencies.

Agile Program Management

To address this need, we have introduced the Dependency view on the workitem’s Linked Cards segment. It will help you know the dependency of your workitem on other workitems as well as dependency of other workitems on your workitem. This way, you are able to execute workitems in a stream-lined manner and also understand the impact of their progress with the help of color-coded links.

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