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13 Sep 17

This release is packed with feature updates to our

Mobile App

, many UI/UX enhancements and MS Project and Excel 2016 support you have been waiting for. It also has the BETA version of our new

Program Dependency Board

that will enable Program Managers to visually keep track of dependencies between important work items across projects for program delivery as per plan.

What’s New in SwiftALM 2.2?
Visualize Dependencies Between Important Program Workitems (BETA)

You can now visualize & track dependencies between workitems that are crucial for program delivery based on their Planned Finish/Due Date and when their dependency links turn Green, Amber, or Red. Various features like dependency traversal, zoom levels, flip axis and subnet highlighting make it easy to use.

Mobile App Updates: Update Timesheet for any Week

Similar to the web application, you can now add or edit the time logs for any day by using the previous/next icons or navigate to specific week by selecting a date using the Calendar icon. Other updates include broadcast message display, dedicated logout button and Server URL list.

View Details of Agile Release/Sprints Capacity and Complete Indicators

To enable better planning and tracking in your Agile projects, hovering over the Planned Capacity and Percentage Complete indicators in Planning Board will show breakdown of their computation.

Dashboard Usability Enhancements:

• Ability to drill down in Heatmap chart has been made more evident
• Single click on the Dashboard cover widget of a page to open the page
• Double click on the widget box in Page’s Widget Map to load it in carousel view
• Default Parameters will be persisted for ECR based widgets published to dashboard
• Workitem Details view will be shown directly when drilled down on a single workitem

Other Enhancements:

• Support for Microsoft Project 2016 and Microsoft Excel 2016
• 3 level back navigation supported for ECR based drill-down windows
• Utilities page is revamped with Logos of the supported software via their Plugins
• No confirmation alert is shown while exporting without row selection on the listing page

Stay tuned for an upcoming webinar on SwiftALM 2.2. (we will share the schedule in our

SwiftALM 2.2 Webinar:

Here is the recording of the webinar: 

SwiftALM 2.2 Webinar 


Previous Releases


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