Digité announces SwiftSim Beta for SwiftKanban


Digité Inc. is proud to announce SwiftSim Beta – a sophisticated simulation and forecasting engine that can help you answer questions regarding your underlying software development, helpdesk, IT, DevOps or other delivery processes by simulating different scenarios using the Monte Carlo method. SwiftSim helps effectively model current business processes and data from existing projects, enabling teams to evolve better processes and choose between several possible outcomes to more effectively deliver on commitments, meet SLAs and achieve revenue/ resource objectives.

SwiftSim is a sophisticated simulation software that uses the Monte Carlo method. Using an intuitive UI, SwiftSim can help you answer questions regarding whatever process you mdel using the Kanban method, with the ability to adjust WIP limits, resource type and availability, the amount, size and type of work, and a number of other factors. You can set up your process directly in SwiftSim or import it from one of your existing SwiftKanban boads and use SwiftSim to evolve a better process using its capabilities to meet a variety of business objectives.

SwiftSim gives you the flexibility to configure multiple scenarios. You can

  • specify effort on every lane
  • specify effort on each card on every lane
  • specify what each resource will work on, in which lane
  • you can configure resources as either a primary or a secondary resource (the simulator engine will assign work to a secondary resource if the primary resource is busy working on some other item)
  • you can configure what path a specific card will take when it flows through the board
  • you can configure card block scenarios
  • you can configure the generation of a card from other cards

SwiftSim integrates seamlessly with SwiftKanban and can pull your process definitions in an instance from there. Using its Single Run mode, it will visually show you how every card takes a different path on the board, how defects might be generated from user stories, how cards might pile up or get blocked in different lanes… Since cards and events are color coded, the entire single run view can be intuitively understood because it depicts the actual flow of cards in a short span of time. Once you are satisfied with that, you can run it in a multi-run mode and run it a 100 or a 100 (as many as youneed) times and get a T-distribution of various metrics for that number of outcomes.

Once you’ve done this for multiple board configurations, you can choose the most optimal one and quickly reconfigure your actual board and see how the configuration will improve various aspects of your team’s performance such as cycle time, resource utilization, cadence on board, etc. and help you meet strategic revenue and SLA objectives.

For more information, or to learn how you can be a Beta user of this tool, please contact [email protected]

Digité is a leading provider of SwiftALM, SwiftKanban and SwiftSync – Lean/ Agile ALM and PPM products and solutions, based out of Cupertino, CA. Digité products and solutions continue to help thousands of users around the world manage and deliver large and complex projects and applications executed by distributed teams, both in-house and outsourced and help organizations achieve dramatic growth in productivity and quality.

For more information, please visit www.digite.com or write to [email protected].

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