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Digité March 2020 Newsletter

Slightly worrying times 🙂 But, this too shall pass. We hope you’re OK and everyone you care about is as well. Some quick updates from our side – We’re all

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Digité February 2020 Newsletter

Happiness and productivity go hand in hand. Be it at work or in our personal lives, there is increasing evidence that the two are tied. This month’s newsletter covers articles

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Digité January 2020 Newsletter

Kanban has become a technique widely used by agile software development teams, since it allows you to focus on what to deliver and when, stimulating collaboration and avoiding doing unnecessary

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Digité December 2019 Newsletter

2019 has been good for us. We’ve made many new friends, supported conferences in countries we’d never visited before, on-boarded many new clients who seem to be very excited at

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Digité November 2019 Newsletter

Many organizations today are spending a lot of time and resources to try and create conditions for an optimal experience at work. While some teams have made the transition to

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Digité October 2019 Newsletter

With the digital disruption of business models and whole industries, business executives and process owners are faced with a variety of transformation challenges. The need to ensure alignment between strategic,

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